Sunday, November 26, 2006

make a cake and get sick too...

made a cake to take to dinner thursday. everyone loved it! glad, as the last baked good i took to this event nobody liked... and it was a cranberry coffee cake. whatever... how was i to know no one liked cranberries? it's thanksgiving for crying out loud.

so, i've been fighting off a cold all week, and thursday i wasn't feeling the best... but i went anyway. friday morning i wake up and feel like i've been run over by a truck. i spent most of friday and saturday in bed. the girls made me get well cards on the computer! such sweet babies! last night i felt well enough to do 3 days worth of dishes that had piled up in the sink, then i took more nyquil and went back to bed. this morning i felt a little better, still not 100%... maybe 75%. i rested, 'cause we had to do the office job in the afternoon. i'm gonna go to bed early tonight, 'cause i have a house job to help mom with in the morning and then class.

i'll be done with school at the end of december. wow! 2 years that went by quick! in the new year i'll be concentrating on getting a job. it will be weird to be back in the real workplace. cleaning houses doesn't count. the house cleaning was nice, my girls were never in daycare, they could come with me. but, cleaning just isn't my thing... i don't mind cleaning my own house... but other people's houses drive me nuts.

my 9 yr old has lost 2 more teeth in the last 2 days. teeth 15 and 16. they're in the tooth jar for safe keeping.

well, guess that's all for this week. stay tuned...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

FICA job here i come...

gonna be done with my tech class soon, at the end of this semester. doesn't seem like 2 years have gone by. could have gotten done in a year if i went full time, but with the kids, and still helping my mom with a few of her house cleaning jobs, i could only go in the afternoon. PELL grant full ride. got my A+ and Network+ certs, gonna try for my Server+. i think i can pass it. starting to look at the job websites, and i've got my resume posted a few places. had to change my references... ex-bestfriend was one of my personal ones. that wouldn't be good.

got a cold. had my flu shot... so i won't get that nastiness! going to bed lately with my friend nyquil. works great. what is it that only the right half of my face is stuffed up?

baby blankets to crochet! my teachers wife is due with their 3rd child (another boy) in about 5 weeks. i'm making him a blue blanket in a pretty pattern stitch, it trades off single and double crochet every other row. easy to make, and quick. then a friend of mine in california is having identical twin girls! i'm gonna find some of that pretty multi print yarn in two different colors so they can each have a different one. her mom showed me a picture, and even though she's only 29 weeks in, she's huge!

turkey day is almost upon us. i starve at thanksgiving. i hate turkey! usually they have a ham, so with enough dipping sauce or mustard on it, it's edible. there's usually a salad, and maybe some mashed potatoes... but i won't touch the gravy 'cause they put turkey guts in it! GROSS! they also put hard boiled egg chunks in the stuffing! stuffing should come out of a box that says "stove top" on it. just the way corn bread should come out of a box that says "jiffy" on it. i'm bringing a prailine pumpkin cake this year, found the recipe on the betty crocker site. should be good. i love to bake! still working on the cookbook idea, just haven't had any time to put it together.

husband came home from hunting... didn't even see anything! he wasn't happy. he goes over to inola to hunt with his brother. he's got land along the barge thingy? river? canel? whatever... that thing over there that barges go down to the gulf in. kerr something or other.

the girls are out enjoying the weather, riding their bikes. i can't believe they're gonna be 8 and 10 in february! how did that happen? seems like it was just yesterday and i had a 2 yr old and a newborn...

well, outta here 'til next week. stay tuned...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

puzzle pirate fun, bell's amusement park

have a new addiction... puzzle pirates. if you haven't heard of it and you love puzzle games you have to check this game out! it's an online pirate virtual world. you get a house, some basic clothes, and a rat for a pet to start. playing games you earn pieces of eight that you can spend on all kinds of things for your pirate. better housing, different pets, furniture, clothes, swords, etc. it's the coolest thing. when theres a fight between ships, you play puzzle games against eachother to see who wins. i totally love it!

have to vent here about how bell's is getting screwed over by expo square. they've been there for 51 years... and now expo square wants more parking! this is just so wrong on so many levels it's not even funny! i've heard he's moving the park to jenks, which is probably for the best. jenks can thumb their noses at tulsa once again, just like they did when they got the aquarium and tulsa didn't want it. my soon to be 8 yr old was finally gonna get to ride zingo for the first time... she can't miss out on this history, this first in her life.

ok, more on poorly dressed news people. was watching cbs sunday morning show today and one of their reporters was wearing a brown/rust plaid jacket, grey plaid shirt, and yellow plaid tie! he was also wearing some lovely clark kent type black frame glasses. why! i know that jacket had to come from some dank resale shop in some nyc basement, no one would actually sell something that ugly new. not now, maybe in the 60's, but not now.

ok, well, i'm done for the moment. see ya next week. stay tuned...

Monday, November 06, 2006

tooth reconstruction

had to finally have work done on that tooth. $162.00 later, i've got a new resin molar. he was able to get out the old filling and have enough tooth left to put a mold around it and use that white resin stuff they cure with the purple light ray to build my new and improved molar. i know this stuff lasts, cause i've got some of it on 2 of my bottom molars from when i had my braces put on when i was 15. he had to build up my bite to keep my rabbit 2 front teeth from knocking off the braces on the bottom teeth. i'll be 34 next month, and that stuff has held up this long, so i think it's better than that old filling material.

colder weather here, then in the upper 70's by wednesday. this is so normal for oklahoma.

damn campaign ads!!!!! i will be SO GLAD when this is over! i dread the 2008 debacal that we have to look forward to... it's gonna be bad.

well, short this week. not much going on in our little corner of the world. stay tuned...