Wednesday, November 26, 2008

aaaahhhh... vacation

one wonderful thing about working for the school district is we get all the vacation time the kids do!

the holidays (bah hum bug!) is once again upon us. so, my remote is getting a workout again when i have to mute those damn kay jewelry ads! at least the moody's jewelry don't have a stupid jingle that won't go away.

have joined up on facebook, it's so much nicer than myspace. better interface, and everyone seems to be on there.

so, today i've got to do some wash, and drop a computer that i fixed back to it's home, and get some eggs and cat food at walmart.

interesting development. oldest daughter has developed asthma... from playing the trumpet! activity induced, says the doctor. so she has the flovent once a day and has to carry an inhaler that she uses before band. husband says he developed something similar from playing so much sports, but he grew out of it... so i hope this will happen to her.

husband went hunting on monday and got three deer within 30 mins. made his brother mad, though, cause he's a trophy hunter and husband head shot all 3. lots of meat in the freezer, would have preferred another cow in the freezer or a pig, but the deer will do.

ok, all for now, stay tuned...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Handbasket replaced!

instead of "going to hell in a handbasket!", the country has voted! we are now "going to hell in a stretch limo with a mini bar!"

enough said.

although i am glad it's all over and i don't have to wear out the mute button on my remote anymore! that was getting tiring.

ooooooh! new favorite show! life on mars, 9pm central, on abc! it's really good! this show will hold me over until reaper and lost get back. now, if they would just bring dead like me back, i'd be a happy camper!

the girls ran in the 1k fun run in sapulpa yesterday, there was about 70 people who ran it. they came in in the top 20. now, they just want to rest.

oooooh! really good development! i finally said bye, bye to dial up! got the at&t wireless internet, it's great! i'm only in the edge network at the moment, so download speed is 237k, but when you were putting up with 26k on dial up... this is wonderful! works great with puzzle pirates and husband's party poker. they are expanding the 3G network, so i'll have the 3Mb speed soon, we're right on the edge of it at the moment.

saw ex-best friend in passing at walmart (where you run into everyone), and she didn't give me a dirty look or try to hit me, so maybe she's done being pissed at me. (for info on this, look up september 06 entry)

ok, all for now. stay tuned...