Wednesday, June 04, 2008

a general mishmash of stuff in my noggin

so, it's summer. finally. not that i don't love my job, cause it's never boring and changes from day to day (you never know what elementary age kids will do...), but i love having the time off.

got a new weed eater, it's the orange one a husky? the Swedish one. really nice and takes care of the hilly rocky yard that i could never deal with if i had to use a mower. if you look outside, you'll go "ice storm, what ice storm?" cause it looks like a jungle out there! the tree that fell down in the front yard by the driveway... is still growing! the tall skinny oak trees that kinda snapped at the top, still growing! got love scrub oak trees, husband says that's who we have to worry about taking over the world, not aliens. you cut them down, they grow back tenfold!

trying to figure out what to do this summer besides cleaning out my house. thinking of going over to arkansas to take the girls camping and see some stuff. like quartz crystal hunting, a lake or two, and blanchard springs cavern. cheap vacation, we'll only stay at a motel if it looks like rain. they have showers at the lake campgrounds, and we can roast hot dogs. not going to new mexico this year, nana and papa are in the midst of selling their house to move to colorado to be closer to family. their house is half packed up and not company ready. gonna miss that trip, as we've done it for the past 5 yrs.

am seriously wishing that gas prices would go down, but know that won't happen until after the election, when whoever gets in says "see, look what i did! i made gas go below $2.oo a gallon! i'm the man! (or woman, if hillary pulls something nasty)."

so, i know people are reading this stuff outta my head, but no one comments. what's up with that?

ok, guess there's not anything more in my noggin at the moment. stay tuned...