Thursday, January 29, 2009

blocking ads for legal products?! how?! and vegiterrorists

ok, getting up on soap box.

i have yet to understand how the government can block ads for perfectly legal products. this is about the cigarette and tobacco industry, so if you're a commie stop reading now.

this is still a free country, right? we still have free speech, right? so if something is legal and is sold in stores everywhere, why can't said industry advertise their product? i just don't get it. yes, said product is not really healthy for you... as people die from smoke inhalation in house fires... but still. it's a free country! if people want to smoke or dip or whatever is it REALLY your business? no it is not.

i used to smoke, social smoking really, from age 11 to 15. at 15 i decided it was a stupid, smelly, costly habit and never puffed as the cigarette was passed around again. i never smoked pot, even though i could have... there was plenty around the house... dad spent prison time for growing the stuff back in the 80's.

what's brought this to the fore front again is this stupid town in california that passed a law that you can't smoke in your own house. commie libs! lets just start up the gestapo from germany again while we're at it! our freedoms in this country are slowly being chipped away... and no one cares!

when they outlaw tobacco products (yeah! right! like they'd give up THAT tax money!) then i will not have a problem with the ad ban, but until then, i do have a problem. it's just another freedom gone... blowin' in the wind... just out of reach.

now on to the vegiterrorists! you know who you are! you who think you must push your anti meat eating agenda on the rest of us. you who throw paint on really nice fur coats! what else are you gonna do with a mink? it's like a rat! the best thing that happens to it is a nice coat. i really like meat and it's good for me. soy is not an acceptable meat substitute! i've tasted vegi burgers (on accident, mind you! got one at backyard burgers once in a drive thru screw up), and really... yuck! nothing is more enjoyable than that nice steak... just off the grill... with some seasoned potatoes on the side... i can smell it now... can't you? i'm a proud member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals). we raise our own cow... the last one was named T-bone. i like watching the cow grow... knowing that when it's nice and fat and juicy it goes to the butcher and i get lots of beef for the freezer to feed our family.

oooohhhh! i'm really in a mood today... can't you tell? it's the DMS (During Menstrual Syndrome). ok, outta here, must go eat some meat and breathe the secondhand smoke from my husbands cigarettes, i'm sure to some of you out there that means i will die soon. get a life! (gads, i really am horrible today, better get outta here now...

stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

icy... but i still got power!

it decided to dump the nastiness on us again. started monday afternoon with ice, followed that evening and the next day with sleet and then topped it off with some snow last night. sun today, but that won't do us much good as it's still below freezing outside. but, hey! i still got power, so i'm a very happy camper!

out of school, of course. roads are a mess. we are now going to school into june, we used our 2 built in snow days last month. i don't see the roads being any better by tomorrow and the weather guys are saying we could have some fog with the icy roads in the morning. i'm thinking that ice and fog don't mix... but that could just be me. mom left for town a bit ago for supplies, she's got studded tires on the front of the dodge caravan. when oldest was little, she said "nana, you have claws on your tires!".

so, the latest bloody jack novel was so great... i started making that whimpering noise when i finished it... wanting more. if you haven't read it, give it a try. the first one is called bloody jack, the author is l.a. meyer or mayer... i'm not so good with the spelling sometimes.

lost is getting good... glad to have it back. life on mars is also back tonight, so that's what i'll be doing this evening... flaked out in front of network tv (a rarity).

k, it's back to puzzle pirates. i must have more poe! and what else am i gonna do? i can't go anywhere and there's only so much tv i can watch and i'm outta books to read. ugh!

so, see ya later... stay tuned...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

driveling tripe and other ramblings

ok, after being exposed to the new line up on abc, cbs, and nbc i have come up with the newest catch phrase to describe it all... "driveling tripe"! i think it accurately takes care of all of the dancing (please tell me who went down on who to get that on the air?!), house renovating with sob story attached, singing contests (i HATED star search!), weight losing, and beauty (on the inside) contests/drama/i've got no clue time wasting crap they are now showing. my time watching the over the air networks has greatly decreased anyway, the only things i watch there are Lost, Life on Mars, Reaper (if and when it comes back on), The Price is Right, and Wheel of Fortune. Also, Survivor when it's on, it's funny, the others are all just copy cats and bad ones at that.

so, got my car back. nissan engines are apparently not meant to be worked on, the bill told me so. $835.00. i was expecting worse as the heads had to come off and go to the machine shop, they weren't as bad as wily first thought. to celebrate we will be traveling to owasso today to partake of lunch at baja jack's burrito shack and dessert at maggie moos ice cream. i also have to go to the library in west tulsa to drop off a book and pick up the one i got on reserve, the new one in the bloody jack series.

guess that all for the moment, stay tuned...