Saturday, February 28, 2009

do the obama shuffle!

look left... look right... look left... look right... now put a bounce in your step... and snap those fingers and you're doing the obama shuffle!

ok, even if you can't stand to listen to him, you've got to watch his next speech! mute the tv and you'll see him do the above dance... ok, maybe not the bounce in his step and the finger snapping... but watch him for a while and you'll be waiting for the rest to kick in. it's funny! and if nancy pelosi (not spelled right, i'm sure) is behind him, you can see her impression of a happy seal clapping it's fins together. when she's this happy... we're all screwed.

the reason for the looking left and right is because he's teleprompter addicted, just like he's addicted to his blackberry. he never looks out at the crowd, just left and right at the teleprompters. he can't talk without them... and if he does, he couldn't win the "um" game to save his life. the "um" game was a local radio station game back in the late 80's, you had to talk about any subject for 30 seconds and not say "um" to get the prize.

bush may not have been the greatest speaker in the world, but at least he looked out at the crowd and tried to connect with them. obama just looks like a ventriloqust dummy, it's sad.

ok, that's all for the moment. when i get a funny pic uploaded, we'll be wondering why someone would do this to their house...

stay tuned...