Tuesday, March 15, 2011

baby naming guidelines...

ok, there seem to be a rash of people spawning around me. either people i know or friends of friends. one of my daughter's teachers is having twins! so, here are the naming guidelines... follow them if you DON'T want your kids to hate you later in life... if you DO want them to hate you and have to spend money on court costs to change their name, then disregard the following info. :)

1) try to stay away from the top 20 popular names for at least the last 2 years. you have more of a chance of your child having to use their last initial on their name while in school if you don't. are you aware of how confusing this is? for everyone involved? not to mention that my 8th grader knows 3 taylor's, 2 are girls, one is a boy... can you imagine this in elementary school?

2) use the correct spelling!!!!! for god's sake, "jackson" is not spelled "jaxyn"! "nikki" is not spelled "nique"! and for another thing, name her nicole... nikki is a striper name! just ask prince... lol!

3) if you are, in fact, having twins... DO NOT GIVE THEM RHYMING NAMES OR NAMES THAT START WITH THE SAME LETTER!!!!!! i spent my school years with the following twins: dena and gena, patrick and phillip, danette and danelle (that one is just another form of the other). my daughter goes to school with stephen and stephon (i'm not joking, they aren't even identical)! they are different people, be kind. it may seem cute when they are babies... but surprise... they TURN INTO ADULTS!

4) please pay attention to your last name, and what initials spell. we've got a guy in town with the name of richard head... and i know someone who had a teacher with the name of sharon acock... she changed her first name. i would have changed the whole thing. my cousin named her daughter so that her initials are AAA. i've heard of worse... i guess...

5)please remember that you are naming a future adult! this isn't something trivial here! I'M SERIOUS! names like the following are just cruel and unusual punishment: whisper, wolfe, candy, sugar, cherry, dreamer, sunshine, chasity (she will spend high school proving this wrong), timber (her last name is camp!), etc. do not pick baby names while under the influence of the drugs they give you in the hospital! we had our girls names picked out by the time i was 4 months pregnant... but i like being ahead on these things. that's just me... :)

stay tuned...


  1. Hey Creek County Housewife do you ever talk about poltics in you blog local poltics

  2. This is righteous! Wish more people would THINK but then again stupidity gives us something to write about from time to time!