Thursday, January 18, 2007


just had to get that out of my system. i have cabin fever... i hate being stuck at home. got in with mom monday and tuesday, but since then we've been here. there's only so many movies in the cabinet, and sometimes there really is nothing on directv.

i made rice krispie treats, but those won't last long. the food choices will be very thin by the end of the weekend. i thawing some stew meat at the moment, gonna fry it up with some montreal steak seasoning, onions and green pepper and have some potatoes with it for dinner.

i just knew we we're gonna get a nasty winter this year... we were long overdue. how the school days will be made up, i've no clue. they could take spring break, or make us go deeper into june. this is just so totally nuts! if i wanted this kind of winter weather i'd live where my aunts and uncles do... jim and shawn are near denver, jerry and lisa and steve and mary are in gillette wyoming. couldn't pay me to live either place!

well, must go do some cleaning or crocheting or something to take my mind off things...

stay tuned...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

ice, ice baby!

"yo! VIP!... let's kick it!... alright, stop! collaborate and listen..." i love that song, and am not afraid to admit that i'm a child of the 80's.

but it's true at the moment... right here at home. ice, ice baby. lot's of little ice pellets (sleet) are coming down outside... all weekend! southwest of of got freezing rain, that nasty stuff that breaks things like power lines and trees. we're cold enough here to get the sleet and a bit of snow. turns out the sleet is so much more fun for sledding! we've got like 2 inchs of sleet on ground. the girls wanted to go down suicide slope, but dad said that by the time you got to the bottom of that hill you'd be doing 80 and really kill yourself. so, we went down the driveway. i slid at least 150 ft or more from the top of the driveway by the old tree to our part of the driveway that cuts up into our yard. lots of fun!

ok, more later. it's not like i can go anywhere...stay tuned...