Wednesday, March 10, 2010

how liberals have ruined the public school system and this country

it all goes back to the touchy feely don't you dare spank that child nonsense that has been prevalent since about the early 80's. When they took swats out of the discipline line up in public schools, this country was all but lost. What can you scare them with to keep them in line? Detention? Suspension?...I'm sorry, but as someone who works in the public education world, I'm here to tell you that these things are a complete joke. Nothing kept you in line at school like the sound of someone getting swats echoing down the hall.
But, it really goes back to the parents. I have come up with and explanation for this, I call them “fish” parents, because they “spawn and release”. They may feed the baby (but they also are known to put soda pop in the baby bottle, I've personally seen this, I wanted to strangle the mother, but restrained myself), and keep the baby clean, but they don't read to them or teach them any manners or teach them how to behave in public or at school. They put them in front of the TV, or give them video games to play. By the time they are ready to enter the public school system at 4 for full day free pre-k, they are all but ruined. For most it's too late. They have become ill-mannered louts, who argue when given directions, who won't be quiet and do their work in class, who disturb others, and are constantly in trouble. They will become drags on the economy, instead of productive members of society. Some of them will become clients of the correctional system.
For those of us who actually “parent” our children, it is a trial also. Our children are forced to be in classrooms with these ill-mannered louts. Their education is hampered, not as good as it should be because the teacher is constantly having to deal with children that won't behave so that all can learn.
And the parents of the “louts” either think that it's not their childs' fault, or that the behavior is cute. Take one of my “repeat offenders” or “inmates” as I call them when they spend most of their lunch time recess with me in detention. It's a boy, and last year on the playground, he whipped it out and took a leak in front of everyone... momma thought it was “cute” and “well... he is a boy, and boys will be boys...” as if! If I had a son, and he did something like that... his back side would shine like the top of the chrystler building. But, if I had a son, he would know his manners and how to behave. I, thankfully, was blessed with two daughters.