Sunday, August 03, 2008

igby goes down

ok, it's hot and it's august and it's a sunday where i'm trying to stay in the house to keep from frying outside.

as usual there is nothing on tv... except golf and infomercials (and we all know how i feel about those!). so, i'm flipping around... trying to find anything. (the only tv hooked to directv is in the living room where hubby is watching 3 shows at once). i'm in the bedroom, with the 13" color. so, yeah, flipping around... and it goes to the fox affiliate (ch. 23), and it says "sunday movie". ohhh, a movie, maybe it's something i haven't seen. then this really bizarre scene comes on... and i keep waiting for the title of the movie (you have to wait a while for it) and by the time the title comes on... i'm hooked! i have to see this movie!

two hours later, i was like... that was really good...! i looked it up on and i really don't remember this movie in the theater, but in 2002 i had a lot going on. the girls were 3 and 5, and i was dealing with the older one in full day kindergarten and the younger one not happy about sister gone for so long during the day.

so, anyway, yeah, if you haven't seen "igby goes down", you should really give it a look see.

regular post tomorrow.