Tuesday, February 01, 2011

oklahoma blizzard... without the nerds candy mixed in!

the dairy queen blizzard with nerds mixed in is one of my favorites... then they quit having it! RUDE! something about the candy company not selling the nerds in bulk... RUDE! now if i want it i gotta take an unopened box of nerds to braum's and they'll mix it in for me.

SO! we have a blizzard of another type going on outside at the moment... the nasty, you're not going anywhere for a couple of days kind. maybe up north they're equiped to handle this stuff... we're NOT! i layed in enough supplies for about a week, but we should be able to get out on saturday, maybe. at least it's not like that nasty ice storm where we lost power for a week...

schools are closed, DUH. maybe the state can forgive a couple of these days we're out so we don't use up all the snow days. that would be nice. we'll see.

the a/c heater combo unit we use to heat and cool our bedroom is frozen. we'll have to pull it out of the case and into the bedroom in a bit to un freeze it and put something over the top outside so it'll work again. had the down comforter on the bed last night, it's probably 45 F in there. it's 60 in the rest of the house, so we're good. it's like 10 outside with a wind chill of -1 or something nasty like that.

ok, on to find something to eat for breakfast.

stay tuned...