Sunday, November 14, 2010

my favorite time of year... NOT!

the most annoying time of the year is once again upon us. i'll be forced to change at least one preset on the car radio, as said station will play NOTHING but xmas music from thanksgiving through new years. ARG!

so, now i will go off on any apple/mac product.

it was veterans day on thursday, and we had in a former student who is now a marine to talk to the students, she was really nice and had a great power point to share with the kids. she brought her mac laptop to hook up to the projector... THERE WAS NO VIDEO OUT ON IT!!!!!!!!!!


we ended up using a teachers laptop, with her power point on her flash drive. the teachers laptop was a nice, normal HP... with a DAMN VIDEO OUT! it worked great!

why would something not have a video out? i do not understand... and people do not understand my hatred of all things mac/apple?! i REFUSE to own an ipod. i will NOT OWN an iphone. and i will NOT OWN an ipad... but for another reason...


seriously... what were they thinking?! probably someone dropped the ball like on the nintendo gameboy sp's... those came without a headphone jack. then they had to develop a freaky headphone jack to fit in the back existing port.


ok, on to other things.

like why that insomnia drug has fine print on the commercial that states that "they do not know how this drug works". and then there's the fun about how you can wake up in the middle of the night and do stuff and not remember it the next day...

yeah... like i'm gonna take that?! i don't think so...

i have an even better cure for insomnia... it's called "read one of those "classics" that they made us read in high school", you know the "classics" i'm talking about? here's a list:

the scarlet letter- a poorly written soap opera plot. got a D- on a paper junior year for stating that fact in my critique of the book, the teacher thought the sun rose and set on that waste of paper. i'm not against hawthorn as an author, i read some of his other stuff, and it was alright. of course, that D- could have come from the fact that i said my paper was "the cliff notes, to the cliff notes of the scarlet letter" and said teacher HATED cliff notes... i don't know.

les miserables- i got to the part where jean valjean is taking a leak against some building in more detail than i cared to know about. i read the cliff notes, and got an 86 on the final... the highest grade in the class. HAH! i pretty sure there was a whole lot lost in the translation, so if i ever learn french, i'll give it another go. i use this book as a title list for books that are overly described... i call it the "less miserable's" pile.

the old man and the sea- seriously! why was this book printed?! and why was i forced to read it?! to put me to sleep? 'cause it worked. you can't sleep? this works quicker than any drug will. i'm guessing it was because hemmingway wrote it, that guys only saving grace was his love of cats. he wrote this book from some short blurb in the paper, it was like one paragraph... he gets some susposed religious symbolism BS out of it and writes a book... he should have put down that bottle of whatever 100 proof he was drinking...

ok, i guess that's all the rambling for the moment... stay tuned...