Saturday, May 19, 2007

tomitillo avacado salsa made with la costena green sauce

ok, so there's this restaurant in jenks, ok. the same people used to have the atomic burrito restaurants, but then they went upscale and opened los cabos on the river walk in jenks. atomic burrito had this tomitillo avacado salsa that was to die for, so when they closed up i was in withdrawl for the salsa! when they opened up the new place, thank goodness, you can still get the salsa... but it's pricy to eat there. you can spend about $40 for two people! i know this won't sound like much to some of you people out there... but it does to us.

so, anyway, the salsa. i needed a clone! i hunted the internet... i made a couple of recipes... they just didn't taste right. so yesterday, we're at wal-mart in the mexican food area and i see the la costena green salsa. i look on the back, and sure enough it's got the same ingredients that was going in the recipes without the avocado. i grabbed a jar and some avocados. i pitted and mashed one of the avocados, then added about half the jar of the green salsa.... success! it's a close enough clone for me and my chips... and burritos... and anything else i care to put it on! i am one very happy person!

so, yeah, stay tuned... it's almost summer... and without a car (story for next blog) i'll be home a lot more...