Friday, July 24, 2009

patrick is really patricia and other july things

so, we have a cat. and we thought it was patrick... but it's really patricia. i have the 4 kittens to prove it. turns out she's just got a really fluffy butt area... i thought they were balls... but no. she had them last friday, so they are a week old today. they are very cute!

there's this show, it's called survivorman. have you ever watched it? go back to the cheesy rating scale... cause this one rates a "rancid spray can cheese". if husband has it on in the background, i end up cringing.

so, that interview that katie couric had with his obamaness... where did she get that suit she was wearing? prison matrons r us? i was embarrassed for her, i really was. if someone tried to dress me like that, i'd hit 'em upside the head.

had a doctor visit today. they had never done any blood work on me... so today i got to pee in the cup and give up some of my O+. my blood pressure was 100/74. my TC is 171, HDL- 52, TRG- 128, LDL- 94, non-HDL- 119, TC/HDL- 3.3 . i guess i'm not gonna die anytime soon, that's a good thing. the only bad thing is the extra 15 pounds i'm carrying around. the last time i was 152 pounds i was 8 months pregnant. i asked about this... they actually asked if i might be pregnant!!!! not likely! husband took care of that problem when youngest was 4 months old, she's 10 now. the test came back negative... well duh! i haven't skipped a period since i was pregnant with the 10 yr old. maybe it's my thyroid... anyway, they will call when all the tests come back in a few days.

funny story about husband's outpatient surgery when youngest was 4 months old. so, i get him out to the car after the procedure and am about to start up the car... when he looks down at his crotch and says in his best john wayne impression " well boys... ya been cut off at the pass...". i just about wanted to die laughing! he remembers nothing, those were some good drugs they gave him!

ok, well i can't think of anything else at the moment... so stay tuned...