Thursday, September 27, 2007

OKC state fair and eskimo joes

went to the OKC state fair last saturday, as i said we would 'cause of our boycott of the tulsa state fair. and i have to say, that it was ok, but we won't go back. it was a poor imitation of the tulsa state fair, which we now know is where the good fair is. my first annoyance was the lack of the super round up ride, it continued when they didn't have a kids zone area with make and take craft projects for free, and the local radio stations and tv stations were absent (along with all the goodies they give out), and well.... just a lot of other things. it's sad really, because this is the state capitol, and the state's 100th birthday, and the fair wasn't worth the $18 i had to pay to get us in the gate, plus the $40 for ride coupons, plus other money for food.

so, on the way home we were planning to go to this new restaurant/convience market/gas station on route 66 near acadia called "pops". we went north on 35 instead of getting on the turner turnpike for home and got off at the route 66 exit instead and went east for acadia. when we got there, right about 2pm, they were packed! and they said that since they close for an hour between 3 and 4 pm, that they wouldn't be seating anyone else until 4pm. well, we didn't want to wait that long, so we each got a bottle of pop from the large selection of stuff you normally can't get and continued on route 66 toward home. the scenic route. we get to wellston, and we get to the crossroads... i see a sign for stillwater... and decided that eskimo joes would be fun! it was only 30 miles... what the hey!

we get into stillwater... and geee... there sure are alot of cars! as we get closer to joes i realize there is a home game at OSU this weekend, and not just any home game, but the one with texas tech! i dropped mom off in front of joes and find a parking spot in a grass lot 2 blocks away. mom calls me and says it's open seating, but she's found us a small table upstairs. when we get there, we only find 1 chair, but we order anyway, and i find us 3 more chairs not too far away. it's noisy, it's really crowded... but it's also a lot of FUN! i've never watched football like this, and i've decided it really the only fun way to do it. with lots of people and cheering and screaming! it was a blast, and the food was good too. we brought home our cups, we have 2 orange and 2 purple.

so, that was the weekend, and i think we need to do that again sometime... just being out on the open road, and making a last minute dicision to go north to fun!

stay tuned...

oh! the chili cook-off is on the 5th of october... downtown sapulpa! be there or be square!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

oooohhhh! new to me car!

yes, a newer car than i've ever had. it's a 2003 nissan sentra, white, with dark tint windows. and..... and a/c that actually works! i usually don't get cars until they are 8 to 10 years old, so this is a real treat for me. we gave 7 grand for it. i've got loan payments, but i've got a job and husband got a really great job that he loves, so we can actually afford it.

only one more full year of child support... the first one will be 18 in march, the other turns 17 this week.

so, i guess i've been lax on the blogging... i've been lax with my journal also. just so much going on and i swear the days just blur together! this last week is a classic example. getting back into the swing of the school year. the whole re drawing of the elementary districting lines was SO a mistake and i swear they had no clue what they were doing! the busing schedule is just now getting to where people know where they stop and pick up. we've been in school for 8 days! we're down on enrollment, but not much. jefferson heights is over flowing!

finally saw that movie "the queen". it was pretty good. it was on starz tonight. i remember all that stuff like it was yesterday.

the chili contest is on october 5th this year in downtown sapulpa. i'm entering again... maybe i can get 1st place this year. $500 first prize would be nice.

the okc state fair is sept. 13-23. we'll be there one of the saturday's. we're going to that new pops restaurant on the way home. it looks pretty cool... i was hoping they would have delaware punch, but i looked at the list of pops they have and it isn't listed. i'm going to buy the base for it online so we can have it that way.

husband is dove hunting in inola. he said they haven't seen much. i think the dove all have hunting season marked on their calendars so they know when to hide... they're not stupid.

so, anyway, i guess that's all for the moment... stay tuned...