Saturday, May 24, 2008

USA has most land ownership ever!

ok, work with me on this... i've been thinking again. yeah, i know sometimes that's not a good thing.

so, the comic eddie izzard has this comedy bit about flags, and how if you don't have a flag you can't go around claiming land. like when the Europeans showed up over in the USA, they stuck their flag in the ground and claimed whatever land they were standing on for their home country... who cared if the Indians were here... they didn't have a flag and so couldn't claim ownership (they didn't have the concept anyway).

if this stands to reason, then the USA can claim the moon!!!!! right?! we're the only ones who bothered to stick our flag up there! we've got the whole thing! it's totally brilliant!

school is out on thursday, 3 more days after the holiday weekend. everyone is more than ready to leave. the kids are totally restless! this is somewhat bittersweet for me as my first baby is leaving elementary school and going to the middle school, she won't be where i'm working anymore. my baby baby has 2 more years with me.

i won't even touch on the debacle of a campaign season except to say have you seen the pic with the candidates faces superimposed on the faces of the 3 stooges!? it's a laugh riot!

that's all for me today, going shopping at promenade mall and then to spaghetti warehouse for a late lunch early dinner (dinch). between breakfast and lunch is brunch, between lunch and dinner is dinch. mom came up with that one years ago, like when i was 7 or 8.

ok, outta here, stay tuned....