Wednesday, December 26, 2007

puzzle pirate me!

only good version of a christmas carol movie

k, so i'm enjoying my mommy holiday 'cause husband took the girls to his mom's for the night, and what is AMC showing, but the only good version of a christmas carol. it's the one with george c. scott as scrooge. i've seen others, and with the exception of the mickey mouse version with scrooge mcduck as scrooge, they all really tank. so, if you've never seen this one, get it on the list for next year's viewing, or see if netflix has it.

also watched 40 yr old virgin on USA, gotta love that for every 15 minutes of movie you get 5 minutes of ads, including my personal hate, that stupid little voice recorder thingy! the actors in the ad are SO stupid looking! like anyone acts like that... ugh! just "spray can cheese" rating for those ads, not the "rancid spray can cheese" like the holiday jewelry ads.

hanging around the house, gonna have to face walmart at some point today, we need milk and cat litter. and i'm sure a few other things i can't think of at the moment. i'm sure i'll also spend some part of the day on puzzle pirates.

so, just a week until school is back in on the 3rd. lets hope that the weather behaves itself and doesn't do anything nasty, we already used up the 3 snow days that were built into the school year.

guess that's all, stay tuned...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

ice storms SUCK!, and other bah humbug rantings...

we had no power for like a week! the 17th century is fun for like maybe 2 days, and then, PLEASE give me back my 21st century life. i really think i could have dealt with it better had it not been so DAMN cold, and i had a cold, and of course... my period chose to to show up bright and early on monday morning (a few hours after the power went out). was there like some memo somewhere... "dump on me day"? or should i say week? and of course, that big tree beside the house just HAD to put a branch through the roof so i could have a water feature in the corner of the girls bedroom. luckily, it went between two beams and just punched a hole in the metal roof, which was easily fixed the next day when husband climbed on icy roof to replace the sheet of metal roofing. and... that water i was collecting in bowls was coming in handy to flush the toilet... but still... i can only take so much.

ok, on to the bah humbug part of this rant.

can jewelry ads on tv get any more cheesy?! i now cringe when i see one! they were at the bottom of the cheese scale being "spray can cheese", now i've had to come up with a lower rating... "rancid spray can cheese". as if this pagan forced gift giving season isn't bad enough! the real holiday "winter solstice" was yesterday, it's the rebirth of the "sun". it's a roman holiday. you show me in the bible where it says "on december 25th i want you to put up a tree and decorate it and give presents to people" and i won't bug you about it. the only birthday celebrations mentioned in the bible are where bad things happen to christians (john the baptist's head on a platter, for instance). birthday celebrations were pagan traditions! not christian ones! if you do any study of the bible and bible history you'll figure out that jesus was born sometime in mid fall, not the dead of winter.

stupid people bother me... but i think you've figured that out already. it's like my biggest pet peeve along with ill-named children.

so, ok, yeah... i'm done for the moment. stay tuned...