Sunday, June 24, 2007


this is a public service announcement and a call to action! boycott the tulsa state fair for what they have done to bell's amusement park! they made them move so they could put in a parking lot! this totally stinks! our family will be giving our money to the OKC state fair!

for even more fun... let's all send the fair board commission a piece of gravel for the new parking lot!

i am so stinking mad about this! a tulsa tradition for 50 some years and they kick them out! it's just wrong!!!!!!

anniversary, going west, horrid motel room

so, our 12th anniversary was on monday. we did the redneck thing, went bowling. i beat him the first game by 3 points, he smoked me on the second game by 20 points! at one point, i'm swinging my arm back for the throw, and the ball slipped out of my hand and went backwards... bouncing to the floor behind me! i thought this only happened in cartoons! everybody was laughing with me! it was funny! after the bowling, we went by the liquor store for some rum, reasor's for the coke classic and orange juice, and home. we finally decided to drink that bottle of champain from our wedding, it was still good, and knocked me on my butt. didn't even have any rum and coke. i really can't believe it's already been 12 years... seems like we just got married a couple of months ago...

so, we're in silver city, nm right now at my nana and papas (dads parents). on the way here we saw so many windmills! it's soooooo cool! there's more this year than last. i think this is a great idea for power.

we get to santa rosa, nm to stay the night at the sun n' sand. DO NOT STAY THERE! they have two sets of room, one for adults (these are the clean rooms) and another for familys or those with pets (nasty dirty rooms). this is a chick trip, me, mom, and the girls and mom's two girl cats maggie and tabby. thanks goodness mom always carries a small cleaning kit (she does clean houses for a living) with us. she gave the room a good scrub while the girls and i went to the park lake that they have there. this is the main reason that we stay in santa rosa instead of going farther on to vaughn. anyway, we won't be staying there again! and i'm giving them a sucky review on yahoo.

so, that's all for the moment. a public service announcement is the next blog post, then i'm out of here for the moment.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

KFC "doggie bag" bowls

Ok, so the KFC bowls. Who looked at the doggie bag container and decided this could be sold as an entrée? I mean really?!
There used to be this restaurant in the Tulsa area called “po folks”. If you’re from the south, you probably used to eat there. I loved that place! Lots of biscuits on the table with butter and honey… plus all the other wonderful southern foods. I really wish they had never left.
Anyway, if you ever did take a doggie bag home from this restaurant, it looked a lot like the KFC bowls. And this is what we fed the dog or cat or visiting opossum or visiting raccoon. We’d just dump the doggie bag on an old cookie sheet on the porch and let whatever animal got there first eat up. We certainly never actually ate what we brought home, we just didn’t want to throw away good food that could be fed to the friendly critters that inhabit our neighborhood.
And now, if you’ve noticed their latest creation, it includes a biscuit! I don’t eat at KFC because I like the local place we’ve got “charlie’s chicken”. It’s a local chain place that has better food for a better price.
And they don’t have “doggie bag” bowls!

So, yeah! Summer is going on. It’s raining like from the day’s of noah, but at least it’s not like last year where I was worried about wildfires from some dumb donkey throwing his cigarette butts out the window! Now it looks like a jungle outside because it won’t dry up enough to get out there with the weed wacker and mower.
‘til next time. Stay tuned…

Thursday, June 07, 2007

my poor red volvo!

so, here's the pic of my poor red volvo. back on march 26th, i was parked out front of the school across the street. it was between 6 and 6:45pm, i was in the building at a TAPS (teachers and parents of sapulpa) meeting. when the meeting let out, a cop was standing by the office, we were in the library. he asked the principal who drove the red volvo, he pointed at me. so, the cop goes "your cars been hit." and i go, "that front end damage happened last spring in a parking lot, some dumb kid couldn't pull out of the space next to me properly." and then he goes " no, this just happened, and it's the rear end that's been hit."
we go out the door, and i see it! i was so totally freaked out! and mad! the lady across the way was in her front yard and heard the crash, she turned around in enough time to see the newer gold colored full size pick up drive away. she called the cops. they still haven't found who did it, and the car only had liability insurance cause it's so old (1991, worth maybe $1000). so, i'm out a car. no money in the budget for another. i've been carpooling with mom, thank goodness that i work at the school that the girls go to! sometimes i get my husbands 91 honda accord to drive for the day, but not very often.

so, that's all for the moment... stay tuned...