Monday, January 18, 2010

civil rights day

so, it's another civil rights day. i've read alot about martin luther king jr., and i believe that he would not have wanted anyone to name a day after him. he was for civil rights for everyone, not to make a name for himself. so, every year i cross out his name on the calendar and write in "civil rights day" above it.

going to the movies today. the girls want to see that chipmunks movie, i'd rather gouge out my eyes with a red hot poker. i'll see another movie in the same theater while they see that one. glad they are at the age that i can do that. i remember mom dropping off me and best friend to see horror movies at the theater when we were like 9 and 10. aaaahhhh... the days when they didn't care how old you were, just that you would pay the ticket price. then they actually started enforcing those age limits for the ratings.

winter break pretty much sucked! we couldn't go anywhere thanks to that stupid blizzard on christmas eve. then we get back off break, and we were out on thursday and friday because it was so cold. now we're out for a 3 day weekend thanks to civil rights day. anyway, we won't be out again until spring break. the kids are restless 'cause they haven't been able to go outside at recess because of the playground being a muddy mess. i hope it dries up soon...

read 102 books last year, wonder how many for this year.

ok, outta here. stay tuned...