Sunday, September 20, 2009

2010 sequoyah nominee books

i read alot, if you've read this blog any, you already knew that. i try to read off the sequoyah lists, there are 3. one for high school, one for middle school, and the other for elementary. i've read 2 of the ones for high school (at least) so far.
deadline, about a kid who finds out he's got some nasty cancer right before senior year, and last dance at the frosty queen, about a kid who's dealing with a lot of stuff the last month before he graduates high school. both of these are really great! i just finished "last dance..." last night.
i've read some off the other lists, check my booklog for this year. i wish adults could vote for the winner, but it's just the kids who get to do this.

well, the state fair in tulsa is at the beginning of october and runs for 11 days this year. i want one of those salt lamps. not for the susposed health properties... i just think they look cool.

stay tuned...

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