Sunday, July 31, 2011

aaaahhhh! 'tis sunday...

another sunday... tomorrow begins the move in on the new school. this should be interesting... :s

so, DC needs to get their heads outta their backsides! i just saying... i'm also just saying that why they make so much money for their jobs is BEYOND ME! seriously! that's why the country is in such bad shape, they get paid for sitting on their arses and argueing with one another all day! and kissing booty of people who want stuff and will give them money for passing stuff. it's just nuts!

also nuts is the weather this summer! if i didn't have to go back to work tomorrow, i would so be heading back to wyoming! it's like maybe 85F max up there, we've got the nasty 105F and up temps!

if you haven't read the book i've got posted on here, give it a look. i am aware it still needs work, but your imput would be welcomed. thanks!

so, i have a paper folding problem. it's probably an addiction... :) i always try to fold paper into those chinese shirken stars. even starburst wrappers! it's insane! i figured out how to fold the dollar bills to make 'em too, so i leave them as tips. it takes 2 to make one. i'll take pics and post.

reading latest bloody jack, jacky faber series book. the new one comes out in september. i'll get on the waiting list for it at the tulsa county library. i don't have the money or space to support my reading habit, so for $50 a year i get a tulsa county library card. we don't live, work, or go to school in tulsa county so i have to pay, but it's a bargain for the amount of books we check out.

saw part of the zardoz movie that sean connery was in back in 1974... interesting to say the least. the high point of that is sean in the red speedo and thigh high leather boots! couldn't take more than 30 minutes of it before i let the girls have the tv and i went to read a book. read the synopsis on, read the reviews (roflmao), and decided that it wasn't for the girls to watch anyway. i agree that this movie was cooked up on an acid trip! what kind of dirt did they have on sean connery to make him star in this?! i'd really like to know... it must have been really bad!

ok, things to do. stay tuned...

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