Friday, July 08, 2011

oooohhhhh! i can post from my phone!!!!

just got one of those smartphone thingys... mom and dad got them, and i got the same one so i can help mom with it. she's just a bit technophobic...:s i'm on mom's plan. husband has his own plan with those nasty at&t people, the girls are with net10 and tracphone. i guess you can say we like to spread our cell phone dollars around.

so, lordy! what's going on?

well, we were driving on riverside (raceway) drive in tulsa, and of course there's construction. when isn't there construction in tulsa?! so the sign says "flagger ahead"... when did "flagman" morph to the idioic term "flagger"!? that's just like the stupidest thing i've EVER heard! are "freshmen" to be called "freshers" now!? i'm all for women's lib and wotnot... but really... this is just a bit much. there's some people who need to check the want ads for these things called "jobs". i know they can be far and few between at the moment, but still... go wait some tables or flip some burgers or wash some cars... but quit with the messing up of the american english language... it's messed up enough already!

OK BIG RANT THAT WILL PROBABLY PISS SOME PEOPLE OFF BUT I DON'T CARE, you've been warned, stop now if you are easily offended.

this has to do with learning the language of the country that you live in. IF you are going to move to a new country, AND try to work in a job where you have to deal with the public (ie, food service, etc.) WOULD YOU PLEASE BE FUNCTIONAL IN THE LANGUAGE?! if i get my fastfood order messed up one more time i may scream so loud you can hear me from space! it's not the people working the counter, it's the ones in the back who can't read the screen to get the order right. that poor girl at the sand springs walmart mcdonald's was having a  heck of a time when we were in there the other day. IF i moved to another country and tried to get a job... they would expect me to already know the local language, BUT for some reason in this country, we're... too... tollerant, maybe. this is one of those things that you just can't be tollerant about, i'm sorry.

went up to wyoming to visit dad's parents and 2 younger brothers (and their families). rented a nice car from hertz, a toyota corolla, for 10 day for $335! i checked plane fare, just for kicks and giggles... $2000 for 4 round trip tickets! and that's before i pay for luggage and am TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL just to get on the plane. add in $200 for 2 nights of hotel (half way stop is lexington, ne) and another $223 for gas and it's still cheaper than the plane. plus, we got to see rural america on the way there! we saw the fur traders museum in chadron, ne and carhenge in alliance, ne and mt. rushmore in south dakota. AND the center of the 48 states in lebanon, ks and the largest ball of sisal twine in cawker city, ks! it was just a fun family vacation! and just a bit cheesy... but that's part of the adventure. :)

in the hot season now, but it is summer... hello!?

oh and if you're looking to put in an in ground swimming pool in the sapulpa, ok area  DO NOT USE BAKER CONSTRUCTION! they royally screwed up a pool for one of the houses mom cleans!

ok, done for the moment. stay tuned...

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