Sunday, December 10, 2006

snow gone!

yea! no more snow... except for in the woods where the sun can't shine real well. we have a bad corner by the rifle range that doesn't get much sun in the winter, and i was so scared to go down it. very glad when it thawed.

so, i hit the big 34 on pearl harbor day. i would have been born on dec. 8th if we had lived here, but i was born on the west coast in orange, ca. i was born at 10:51pm. it's always so nice to see hawaii getting bombed on your b-day every year... not that i bother with it any more. what's the point of aging past 21? i'll be 21 until i'm 65! went into a liquor store i'd never been in yesterday in tulsa for some peach schanaps, and i didn't even get carded! guess i finally look older than 21.

very busy until school is out for winter break on the 21st. the girls last day is the 19th, cause on the 20th they are doing all the x-mas stuff and we don't celebrate x-mas. i have to go to class for my last day on the 20th, so i guess husband can watch them or dad can.

guess that's all. stay tuned...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

snow and a duct tape sled

hi! all! this week we actually got snow! real snow, not like the stuff we've been getting the last few years. the girls got to go sledding for the first time in their lives.

of course, since we never see real snow except maybe once every few years, we didn't have a sled. i got creative! i got a lid off a storage container, a pizza box, two of those large thick black plastic trash bags, and of course... duct tape! note pictures:
the first picture is the body, the second is after it got the final layer with the second trash bag and taped up. we later added a long polyester scarf taped onto the end to help hold it up when going down. the first trip to suicide slope (big hill on the property, if you don't stop you land in the berry thicket), we just kind of held onto the slopeing up part and went for it. note pics of girls using sled:

the second time that day (friday) dad went too. we had a blast! i haven't been sledding down this hill or any other since i was about 12. the sled lasted the day, but then the plastic started to go. we'll have a real sled for next time, but at least the girls didn't have to miss out on the fun!

got snowed in of course... only in oklahoma can you wake up to 67F and end the day at 32F! we got about an inch of ice, then 6 or 7 inches of snow on top of that by the time it quit at 3am on friday morning. mom has studs on the minivan, so we got out saturday to clean a house. today we went in at 1pm to clean the office, church services were canceled for our congregation. i have a feeling we may get an actual winter this year instead of what one girl i know calls what we've been getting "extreme fall".

well, i hope you've had a great week! stay tuned...