Sunday, April 19, 2009

spring... calling spring... hello?!

so, seriously... where is spring? it cold! i should not still be this cold. i hate cold... really i do. we're half way through april for pete's sake... let's have some warmness already.

finally got to watch the dead like me movie. some people didn't like it on the netflix review, said 'cause the original daisy and rube were gone that it sucked, well... i disagree. they could get any dumb blond to play daisy. and i did miss rube, but having the new guy was funny. i liked how they got rid of him, it was a hoot. and that george was the new post it note hander outter, i really liked that. and that she got closer with her sis and her sis could get on with life. it was a good wrap up... now if they could give us some closer on pushing daisies... i could get on with my life.

gotten into the jesse stone book by robert b. parker. they're good! i read the 4th, 5th, and 6th books, now i'm starting with the 1st, and i've got the 2nd and 3rd from the library to read next.

also, seems somehow i missed a princess diaries book... don't know how! so now i've got 2 to buy in hardback for my series to be complete.

does it bother anyone else that obama was so chummy with that chevez guy from south america? let's suck up to the commies why don't we?

and what was with those news people on the liberal channels and the whole "teabagging" thing? seriously, if i want that kind of humor, i don't watch the news for it. maybe southpark, or one of those american pie movies (which i have never watched as they are a poor rip off of porky's movies).

ok, a movie i want to watch is on, so i gotta go. stay tuned...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

another burrito filling recipe, weird spring weather

had too much time on my hands again... here's another burrito filling recipe.

Taco Chicken Burritos
makes 6

6 burrito size flour tortillas

12.5 oz can tyson premium chunk white chicken, drained
10 oz can Rotel, drained
15 oz can ranch style beans, drained
1 pkg. taco seasoning
4-6 ozs shredded cheese (i used sharp cheddar)

dump drained chicken in mixing bowl and shred with a fork. add rotel, beans, and taco seasoning, mix well. shred the cheese right into mixing bowl, mix well. split between the 6 tortillas and fold up burrito style. wrap up in that press 'n seal plastic wrap or foil and freeze for later lunches... or heat one up and eat it now.

i've got 6 in the freezer for lunches. i figured it up and maybe spent like $1.25 per burrito, you could go cheaper if you used the white and dark mixed canned chicken, but i don't like the taste of dark meat chicken, so i go for the all white meat kind. that's just my over-sensitive taste buds talking.

ok, so not so sure about this weird spring weather we're getting... 9 inches of snow in late march is just not right. but also glad for the water in the cistern out back, it was down to 200 gallons, and i start getting antsy when the tank is that low. full tank now, reserve 400 gallon full as well. main tank is 1500 gallons. for all of you with questions... no county water where we are... water table is polluted by drillers dumping god knows what down oil wells to bring up oil to surface, so we don't have a well... with the metal roof space we have, we get 600 per inch of rain... we use a pump and pressure tank, so we don't notice any difference... i do wash at the laundrymat, so we don't need water for that...ok, any other questions not answered, comment and i'll answer them.

ok, gotta go, stay tuned...