Monday, December 29, 2008

the last 3 books i've read

ok, yeah, i like to read... alot. i'm pretty much a a speed reader, so i can go through a lot of books. this can get expensive, to combat the price i go to the library. sapulpa's is ok, and i do get alot there, but tulsa is even better! since i don't live in tulsa county, i can't get a free card, but at $50 a year, this is a serious bargain.

i'm not real picky, but it does have to have humor, a decent plot and fun characters. i'm not really into sex and violence. if there's too much describing, i put it in the "les miserables" pile, i hated that book! got to page 107, couldn't go any farther, read the cliff notes, and got the highest grade on the final... 86%. when they start describing the lead character taking a leak... well that's just too much for me. i'm thinking something (maybe a lot) was lost in the translation from french, but since i'm lucky to get by in english, i won't be reading the original french novel anytime soon.

so, here's the last 3 books i've read, in no particular order.

Elle Woods, blonde at heart by Natalie Standiford (based on the character created by Amanda Brown)
This is about elle's late teen years, her sophomore year. it's really cute, and i didn't even know it existed until i was browsing the teen section at the brookside branch of the tulsa library. you can find a lot of books just browsing the stacks. anyway, it's really fun, and a quick read and i would recommend it.

Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer
A different take on the whole cinderella thing, and better. she lives in L.A. with her dad, stepmom, 2 twin stepsisters and her half baby brother who is about 1. the step sisters are seniors and she's a sophomore. she's got 2 great friends, and weird guy she IM's with, and a cute new SAT tutor. it's a fun ride. i loved it.

Undead and Unworthy by MaryJanice Davidson
I'm a big fan of the whole "undead and" series, it's a hoot! if they ever make a movie (please, please, pretty please with sugar on top), that chick who played the fiance in the remake of the parent trap should so play betsy. i can see her now... really. if you haven't read any of these books, start with the first one and read them in sequence or you won't get it. i have them all in paperback, and have read them at least 3 times each.

ok, so got the baby afghan done. it's real cute. haven't de cluttered the house yet... i'm working on it slowly... yeah... right.

hmmm, guess that's all for the moment, still stuck at home... car still in shop... stay tuned...

Friday, December 26, 2008

it's alllllll ooooooovvvvveeeeerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea, the annoying time of year seems to be over.

well, didn't get my mommy holiday this year. since my car is still in the shop (engine has compression leak, can we say $$$$$$?), there was no way to get everyone to nana's. nana dropped gifts by on wednesday to her brother in kellyville who delivered them here. she has yet to step foot in our house. she visited us twice when we lived in town in the duplex on hickory, but only after first daughter was born. some people say i'm lucky to not have the interfering mom-in-law, whatever. we visit her in inola, and i guess that works out fine.

so, i have a lot of stuff i'd like to do, but with no car, i'm stuck at home. almost done with a baby afghan for a teacher's first grandbaby, but need more yarn. need to de-clutter house, but out of the large black trash bags. yeah.

i've been playing too much puzzle pirates, and i've finished 3 books since saturday. and i've been cooking... great burrito filling:

1lb. ground beef
1 pkg. taco seasoning
1 can rotel (do not drain)
1/3 cup instant brown rice
1/4 cup water

brown ground beef, add rest of stuff, bring to boil, lower heat to simmer, cover, simmer about 7 minutes. i used about 6ozs of shredded montery jack cheese. this made 5 burritos with the large flour tortillas. if you want to stretch it, add a can of ranch beans. yummy.

i hope i get my car back soon, i got stuff to do.

stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

oooohhhhh! almost forgot...

our lovely ex-judge thompson was in the news again! he got picked up on DWI! lovely mugshot photo... so like nick nolte, or gary busey! he's even got an earring in his left ear now. they took another mugshot after they shaved his head and facial hair off and took out his earring, that one made him look like an old skinhead.

seriously feel really sorry for his family.

if you don't live in the area, go to for the info, look in the local news archives for the past week or two. they don't have the 2nd mug shot up, i saw that on tv, but the first one will give you a giggle.

stay tuned...

9 yr olds new word... christmaholic!

upon hearing that our favorite radio station (mix96) was playing nothing but christmas music from thanksgiving through christmas, my 9 yr old asked "mommy, are they christmaholics?". christmaholic, isn't that a great word? we've decided it applies to anyone who goes overboard and gets drunk on the holiday. if your house can be seen from space because of your light display... if your house looks like you're having a yard sale because of all the decorations... if you have a christmas sweater collection... if the inside of your house looks like an over priced gift shop... if you have more that one christmas tree in your house... (i could go on and on...) then you're a christmaholic.

you can either be proud, or join a support group.

not really enjoying the cold weather... but at least the power hasn't gone out! i get unbearable with no power on... it's not pretty.

joining the digital tv revolution today... directv is upgrading our system. we've still got the same box and dish we put up in dec of 98. we got our 10th anniversary present from directv, $5 off our bill for 10 months. pretty nice of them.

car in the shop for over heating. thought it was fixed, but now the thermostat is sticking! i was lucky to get it home. it just got replaced, so i don't know what the deal is... i'm annoyed.

tried to e-mail ex-best friend, just asked if she was still pissed at me. haven't heard back, so i'm guessing she is. she can hold a grudge, it's only been 2 yrs, maybe i should try in a couple of more years.

ok, back to being cold.

stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

aaaahhhh... vacation

one wonderful thing about working for the school district is we get all the vacation time the kids do!

the holidays (bah hum bug!) is once again upon us. so, my remote is getting a workout again when i have to mute those damn kay jewelry ads! at least the moody's jewelry don't have a stupid jingle that won't go away.

have joined up on facebook, it's so much nicer than myspace. better interface, and everyone seems to be on there.

so, today i've got to do some wash, and drop a computer that i fixed back to it's home, and get some eggs and cat food at walmart.

interesting development. oldest daughter has developed asthma... from playing the trumpet! activity induced, says the doctor. so she has the flovent once a day and has to carry an inhaler that she uses before band. husband says he developed something similar from playing so much sports, but he grew out of it... so i hope this will happen to her.

husband went hunting on monday and got three deer within 30 mins. made his brother mad, though, cause he's a trophy hunter and husband head shot all 3. lots of meat in the freezer, would have preferred another cow in the freezer or a pig, but the deer will do.

ok, all for now, stay tuned...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Handbasket replaced!

instead of "going to hell in a handbasket!", the country has voted! we are now "going to hell in a stretch limo with a mini bar!"

enough said.

although i am glad it's all over and i don't have to wear out the mute button on my remote anymore! that was getting tiring.

ooooooh! new favorite show! life on mars, 9pm central, on abc! it's really good! this show will hold me over until reaper and lost get back. now, if they would just bring dead like me back, i'd be a happy camper!

the girls ran in the 1k fun run in sapulpa yesterday, there was about 70 people who ran it. they came in in the top 20. now, they just want to rest.

oooooh! really good development! i finally said bye, bye to dial up! got the at&t wireless internet, it's great! i'm only in the edge network at the moment, so download speed is 237k, but when you were putting up with 26k on dial up... this is wonderful! works great with puzzle pirates and husband's party poker. they are expanding the 3G network, so i'll have the 3Mb speed soon, we're right on the edge of it at the moment.

saw ex-best friend in passing at walmart (where you run into everyone), and she didn't give me a dirty look or try to hit me, so maybe she's done being pissed at me. (for info on this, look up september 06 entry)

ok, all for now. stay tuned...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

can this election just be over with already?!

i swear, the last month before any major election makes me want to run screaming for the hills! the campaign ads are really giving my remote a workout, i have to hit the mute button so much. we don't get the presidential ads much here in flyover country, so it's a toss up between the inhofe/rice ads or the sullivan/oliver ads as to who makes me cringe more. i'll be so glad when all of this is over... it's just too much.

ok, off soapbox.

stay tuned...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

igby goes down

ok, it's hot and it's august and it's a sunday where i'm trying to stay in the house to keep from frying outside.

as usual there is nothing on tv... except golf and infomercials (and we all know how i feel about those!). so, i'm flipping around... trying to find anything. (the only tv hooked to directv is in the living room where hubby is watching 3 shows at once). i'm in the bedroom, with the 13" color. so, yeah, flipping around... and it goes to the fox affiliate (ch. 23), and it says "sunday movie". ohhh, a movie, maybe it's something i haven't seen. then this really bizarre scene comes on... and i keep waiting for the title of the movie (you have to wait a while for it) and by the time the title comes on... i'm hooked! i have to see this movie!

two hours later, i was like... that was really good...! i looked it up on and i really don't remember this movie in the theater, but in 2002 i had a lot going on. the girls were 3 and 5, and i was dealing with the older one in full day kindergarten and the younger one not happy about sister gone for so long during the day.

so, anyway, yeah, if you haven't seen "igby goes down", you should really give it a look see.

regular post tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

a general mishmash of stuff in my noggin

so, it's summer. finally. not that i don't love my job, cause it's never boring and changes from day to day (you never know what elementary age kids will do...), but i love having the time off.

got a new weed eater, it's the orange one a husky? the Swedish one. really nice and takes care of the hilly rocky yard that i could never deal with if i had to use a mower. if you look outside, you'll go "ice storm, what ice storm?" cause it looks like a jungle out there! the tree that fell down in the front yard by the driveway... is still growing! the tall skinny oak trees that kinda snapped at the top, still growing! got love scrub oak trees, husband says that's who we have to worry about taking over the world, not aliens. you cut them down, they grow back tenfold!

trying to figure out what to do this summer besides cleaning out my house. thinking of going over to arkansas to take the girls camping and see some stuff. like quartz crystal hunting, a lake or two, and blanchard springs cavern. cheap vacation, we'll only stay at a motel if it looks like rain. they have showers at the lake campgrounds, and we can roast hot dogs. not going to new mexico this year, nana and papa are in the midst of selling their house to move to colorado to be closer to family. their house is half packed up and not company ready. gonna miss that trip, as we've done it for the past 5 yrs.

am seriously wishing that gas prices would go down, but know that won't happen until after the election, when whoever gets in says "see, look what i did! i made gas go below $2.oo a gallon! i'm the man! (or woman, if hillary pulls something nasty)."

so, i know people are reading this stuff outta my head, but no one comments. what's up with that?

ok, guess there's not anything more in my noggin at the moment. stay tuned...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

USA has most land ownership ever!

ok, work with me on this... i've been thinking again. yeah, i know sometimes that's not a good thing.

so, the comic eddie izzard has this comedy bit about flags, and how if you don't have a flag you can't go around claiming land. like when the Europeans showed up over in the USA, they stuck their flag in the ground and claimed whatever land they were standing on for their home country... who cared if the Indians were here... they didn't have a flag and so couldn't claim ownership (they didn't have the concept anyway).

if this stands to reason, then the USA can claim the moon!!!!! right?! we're the only ones who bothered to stick our flag up there! we've got the whole thing! it's totally brilliant!

school is out on thursday, 3 more days after the holiday weekend. everyone is more than ready to leave. the kids are totally restless! this is somewhat bittersweet for me as my first baby is leaving elementary school and going to the middle school, she won't be where i'm working anymore. my baby baby has 2 more years with me.

i won't even touch on the debacle of a campaign season except to say have you seen the pic with the candidates faces superimposed on the faces of the 3 stooges!? it's a laugh riot!

that's all for me today, going shopping at promenade mall and then to spaghetti warehouse for a late lunch early dinner (dinch). between breakfast and lunch is brunch, between lunch and dinner is dinch. mom came up with that one years ago, like when i was 7 or 8.

ok, outta here, stay tuned....

Saturday, January 05, 2008

the official "cheesy" rating scale

ok, this one has been bouncing around in my head for years. i finally sat down the other day and got it defined. feel free to let me know where you think maybe something needs to be added, we'll get it right in the end!

CHEESY RATING SCALE (or cheesey, or cheesie, or just plain cheese... it's up to you)

* -cheddar cheese soup- example: any sci-fi or fantasy movie before the original star wars.

** -velvetta- example: any tv show older than 10 years (brady bunch, waltons, little house on the prarie, saved by the bell). not that i won't watch these type of shows... but gads, some of this stuff was really cheesy!

*** -processed cheese single slices (the plastic wrapped ones)- example: any 1/2 hour infomercial selling anything! and i do mean anything, have you seen late night tv lately?! it's scary!

**** -spray can cheese- example: any gadget for $19.95 tv ad, also valentine's day and mom's day floral ads.

***** -rancid spray can cheese- example: jewelry ads during christmas! this is the new one i just had to come up with, didn't think there was anything worse than spray can cheese... but this years holiday jewelry ads proved me wrong!

so, there it is... pass it around to all your friends.

stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

photo catch-up and bad labeling design

ok, so at first glance, what does this look like to you? mexican pop? fruit juice?

now, take a closer look... that's right... it's floor cleaner! it claims to have a child proof cap, but we all know those are really adult proof caps! this was at wal-mart on one of those center of the aisle square display things, no where near the cleaner section. isn't there some law against this type of packaging?
here's a baby afghan i made for one of our teachers who is due at the end of the month. she has 2 boys and is having a girl this time, she wanted something that screamed "baby girl", i think this fits the bill.
ok, so here is the pic of the branch through my roof. nice isn't it? it was like this for about 24 hours, until it was sort of safe (but not really) for husband to get on the roof with the chain saw and remove the branch and put up a new sheet of metal roofing.
have i mentioned how much i HATE winter weather?!
so, back to regular schedule tomorrow. vacation is fun, but after a while you want normal routine to return.
stay tuned...