Tuesday, June 30, 2009

link to my booklog

tried to google to find my booklog and it doesn't come up, so here's the link if you want to check it out.


good book, driving tips, and some really cool color photos

we'll start with the book everyone needs to at least thumb through. it's called "big ideas/ 100 modern inventions" it's by alex hutchinson. the one thing in it that really blew me away was the thing about insulin. i never really paid attention to diabetes, or it's history as a disease/ condition. turns out it used to take 8000 pounds of cow or pig pancreses to make just 1 pound of insulin! can you even imagine?! anyway, when they figured out how to make it in a lab, it made it alot better for millions of people. there's a bunch of other stuff too, it's a neat book. check it out, i got it out of the tulsa library.

next up, some driving tips or rules of common courtsey that most people seem to have forgotten or maybe never learned in the first place.

1) when you are driving behind someone... if you can easily read their license plate... you are too damn close! BACK OFF! or i will play my favorite game with you, it's called "slam on the brakes, and it will be your fault when you rear end me and you will get the ticket and your insurance company will pay for my car repair". i've never actually done this, but i've sure felt like it a few times. i usually just tap my brakes... and sometimes who ever is behind me gets the point.

2) there's this thing on your steering column, it's called a turn signal indicator. have you ever heard of it before? well, some people haven't. here is the correct sequence for it's proper use:
1) "i think i will turn" you say to yourself
2) move turn signal indicator in proper direction, up for right, down for left
3) apply brakes to slow down
4) make turn, then make sure that it goes off so i don't have to drive behind
you for 20 miles with one of your blinkers on
if you do not have working turn signal indicators, learn the hand signals and

3) when you stop behind someone at a light, your bumper is NOT susposed to touch their bumper! you should be able to see their back tires on the road in front of you. it is really important that you follow this when you have to stop on a hill, the person in front of you could be a newbie driver with a clutch... if you're too close... there goes your front end.

i could go on and on about what you shouldn't be doing while driving, but there's not enough space.

ok, i was not aware that 100 years ago some russian guy took a bunch of color photos of russia and its people. but he did, and it's really cool! click on link below:


there's another link in the comments to another site about this guy, check it out too:


ok, that all for the moment... stay tuned...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

up movie, bad mcd's service, and fun bowling

took the kids to the sand springs theater yesterday to see "up", very cute movie, but bring tissues. or maybe i'm just an emotional person. anyway, we loved it and even watched all the credits at the end.

next stop was the walmart in sand springs, the girls were hungery, and i needed yarn (like i need more yarn, but this was for a project). so, the girls got the quarter pounder and plain hamburger and fries they ordered, but i had to wait like 10 minutes for the grilled honey mustard snack wrap i wanted. they had to grill the chicken! there were a lot of other people who had to wait for food too. and i think it's just this location, cause i've never had it anywhere else... the fly problem they have is horrible! the fly attracter/killer things they have don't work! it's gross! they did give me a free cherry pie for the trouble... love cherry pie...

we signed up for the kidsbowlfree.com thing. i paid the $23.95 cost to get the adults bowl free too. the girls get 2 free games a day, and so do we with the paid for thing when we bowl with them. it was fun! you just have to pay for shoe rental, and that was $8.25 for all three of us. i got a 70 the first game and a 146 the second. i don't bowl much, but i like it, it's fun! we had to have the bumpers on the lane so the girls wouldn't hit the gutters so much and at least have a chance.

another post in a day or two, got a book everyone needs to read and some driving pet peeves to share...

stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a general mismash of what's in my brain at the moment

aaaah! summer break! i love my job! summer's and vacations off. sure, i don't get paid for two months of the year, but i don't work either. they put us on salary, so starting this year 10 equal pay checks, no more being messed up by xmas break or spring break or odd snow days.

summer weather seems to be rearing it ugly head, but we all knew it would... it can't help itself.

so, started keeping track of what i'm reading for the whole year. i've got the excel file parked over on my profile at msn. it's in the public files, it's called booklog 2009. found another book series... the dr. scarpetta novels by patricia cornwell. pretty good stuff!

trying once again to de clutter the house. got the girls bookshelf cleaned out. the videotapes are next. husband finally building them a closet, that will be nice, as their clothing is getting too big to put in drawers anymore. i'll see if i can post pics of the progress and when it's done.

ok, getting on soapbox for a whole bunch of stuff...

so, that daycare in mexico. the one that caught on fire and all those kids either died or had major injuries? why exactly was a day care in a building that was connected to a tire factory?! and why did it only have one door?! if that doesn't wake you up to the fact that mexico is a third world country, i don't know what will. that and the fact that they spawn nasty illnesses, along with all the other third and fourth world nations. (fourth world- pretty much most of africa and the middle east).

next bit. why was our president saying sorry to the middle east terrorists? why is he telling israel to go to hades? (well, he didn't exactly say that, but that's what he meant) why is he telling everyone we're the largest muslim nation on the planet?! i guess he hasn't been to the south lately... we've got a christian type church on every corner, or close to it.

if you haven't seen the dash cam from that oklahoma highway patrol car, where have you been? that cop really needs some anger management classes. i'm thinking you don't need to fly off the handle when someone flips you the bird. isn't that road rage? doesn't law enforcement preach against that?

so, i got a semi decient wrap up of pushing daisies... but why did they have to cancel it in the first place? so they could replace it with more driveling tripe?! i don't even watch ABC anymore, and i won't until LOST comes back on in the spring. the tv in the living room is hooked to directv, the one in the bedroom needs one of those converter boxes, so it's just hooked to the vcr and dvd player we got in there at the moment. mom and dad replaced all their tv's with various sized LCD flat panels (tv in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and their bedroom). they can't get the local feed of ABC to come in, everything else is fine. but our local ABC station is annoying anyway and we never watch it. the local news is biased, and they seriously need to get some fresh meat on the news desk. the CBS local feed is the best for news and weather. the NBC local feed is second, with the FOX local being in third.

well, can't think of anything else at the moment.

stay tuned...