Thursday, October 15, 2009

cartoons 24/7

"why are you still on the couch?" i asked my 10 yr old when i walked into the livingroom at 5:30 this morning. (i wouldn't be up this early during vacation if i didn't have to get my 2 cups of coffee before rebrewing the weaker stuff so husband could get up at 6am to have his coffee and go to work.)
"there's cartoons on... i stayed up..."
"all night?!" i asked.
"i guess... there's cartoons on..."
"sweetheart, there's cartoons on 24/7, that doesn't mean we stay up to watch them..." i said, as i switched on 6 in the morning on KOTV channel 6. she turned over, wrapped up more in the blanket and is now asleep.

ok, who remembers when we were darn lucky to have cartoons on saturday morning? or, as it got deeper into the 80's, we got them after school on one of the independent tv stations on the UHF. if you know what VHF and UHF is, raise your hand. seriously, it's just no fair! cartoons on 24/7 on like 10 stations on the directv.

it's fall break. we went to school monday and tuesday, and now it's like a 5 day weekend. i don't remember fall break... i think they called it state teacher meetings and we got a 4 day weekend out of it. we also used to just get a 4 day for thankgiving... now it's a 5 day too.

i spent yesterday fixing or finishing fixing computers. i had a laptop that needed a clean install of windows... without a recovery disk from the manufacturer. lucky i had a copy of winxp home from a long dead computer... didn't have the product key though. so, i spent time talking to tech support from india... such fun... not! this guy seemed to have a better grasp of english at least, the india tech support i got for at&t for a cell phone problem last year was seriously lacking. so, after i got it installed, i had to service pack it for 2 and 3... the install disk was so old. then it was to the toshiba website to download and install all the utilities and drivers to make the thing work and then i had to find a free dvd player to feed it too. anyway, it's all back up to snuff now... it was a real mess! at first i tried disk cleaning it, but it kept hanging up. so, i defraged it, then disk cleaned it, then defraged it again... still acting crappy. it had limewire on it... who knows what was on there... the windows install was so full of holes it wasn't funny. it wouldn't recognize usb and let me use it! the clean install was the easiest fix...
the next computer was dad's again. i had to slave the hard drive in my system again to format it and then put it back in his to reinstall windows. that disk was so messed up it wouldn't boot from the cd to do the install that way. i've got him fixed up with sandboxie, maybe that will help. and, yes! it did have virus protection and a fire wall on it! and every other kind of protection i could think of. this time it's got that new windows security essentials and i'm just going with the windows firewall ( don't pelt me... i know it sucks... but the other stuff didn't work either), on it and i'm hoping the sandboxie will keep all that crap from making it to the hard drive...

not reading so much at the moment, working on a preemie afghan for a friend's friend's baby girl, she was born at 28 weeks. then, i really need to finish that sweater coat i started for myself over summer, i've just got the sleeves and hood to put on it.

ok, off to do other stuff... and not work on computers for a while...

stay tuned...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

tulsa state fair park and ride!

wow! just the best time at the fair yesterday! decided to use the park and ride, and wow! yeah! we'll never park at the fair grounds ever again! parked the car at promenade mall, and the shuttle bus was right there. they drop and pick up at the pavillion, so convienient.

this year the girls had the one day mega ride passes, a friend bought them for them. they got to go on a lot more rides than ever before, it was fun for them.

fun time after we got back to promenade... my car wouldn't start! it had given me problems for a couple of days, but i was so busy i forgot. mom has AAA, so less than 30 minutes later the guy shows up, and says the battery has had it. we got a new one right there and we were on our way home. love AAA!

got one of those salt lamps, not for the susposed health properties, i just think they look neat.

ok, that's all... stay tuned...