Saturday, January 05, 2008

the official "cheesy" rating scale

ok, this one has been bouncing around in my head for years. i finally sat down the other day and got it defined. feel free to let me know where you think maybe something needs to be added, we'll get it right in the end!

CHEESY RATING SCALE (or cheesey, or cheesie, or just plain cheese... it's up to you)

* -cheddar cheese soup- example: any sci-fi or fantasy movie before the original star wars.

** -velvetta- example: any tv show older than 10 years (brady bunch, waltons, little house on the prarie, saved by the bell). not that i won't watch these type of shows... but gads, some of this stuff was really cheesy!

*** -processed cheese single slices (the plastic wrapped ones)- example: any 1/2 hour infomercial selling anything! and i do mean anything, have you seen late night tv lately?! it's scary!

**** -spray can cheese- example: any gadget for $19.95 tv ad, also valentine's day and mom's day floral ads.

***** -rancid spray can cheese- example: jewelry ads during christmas! this is the new one i just had to come up with, didn't think there was anything worse than spray can cheese... but this years holiday jewelry ads proved me wrong!

so, there it is... pass it around to all your friends.

stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

photo catch-up and bad labeling design

ok, so at first glance, what does this look like to you? mexican pop? fruit juice?

now, take a closer look... that's right... it's floor cleaner! it claims to have a child proof cap, but we all know those are really adult proof caps! this was at wal-mart on one of those center of the aisle square display things, no where near the cleaner section. isn't there some law against this type of packaging?
here's a baby afghan i made for one of our teachers who is due at the end of the month. she has 2 boys and is having a girl this time, she wanted something that screamed "baby girl", i think this fits the bill.
ok, so here is the pic of the branch through my roof. nice isn't it? it was like this for about 24 hours, until it was sort of safe (but not really) for husband to get on the roof with the chain saw and remove the branch and put up a new sheet of metal roofing.
have i mentioned how much i HATE winter weather?!
so, back to regular schedule tomorrow. vacation is fun, but after a while you want normal routine to return.
stay tuned...