Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 yr olds new word... christmaholic!

upon hearing that our favorite radio station (mix96) was playing nothing but christmas music from thanksgiving through christmas, my 9 yr old asked "mommy, are they christmaholics?". christmaholic, isn't that a great word? we've decided it applies to anyone who goes overboard and gets drunk on the holiday. if your house can be seen from space because of your light display... if your house looks like you're having a yard sale because of all the decorations... if you have a christmas sweater collection... if the inside of your house looks like an over priced gift shop... if you have more that one christmas tree in your house... (i could go on and on...) then you're a christmaholic.

you can either be proud, or join a support group.

not really enjoying the cold weather... but at least the power hasn't gone out! i get unbearable with no power on... it's not pretty.

joining the digital tv revolution today... directv is upgrading our system. we've still got the same box and dish we put up in dec of 98. we got our 10th anniversary present from directv, $5 off our bill for 10 months. pretty nice of them.

car in the shop for over heating. thought it was fixed, but now the thermostat is sticking! i was lucky to get it home. it just got replaced, so i don't know what the deal is... i'm annoyed.

tried to e-mail ex-best friend, just asked if she was still pissed at me. haven't heard back, so i'm guessing she is. she can hold a grudge, it's only been 2 yrs, maybe i should try in a couple of more years.

ok, back to being cold.

stay tuned...

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