Monday, July 31, 2006

three more weeks...

three more weeks and the girls will be in school, and i'll be enjoying my morning before heading off to central tech for my afternoon class. it will be nice to be back in the swing of normal routine.

slow week. i was in town on monday and friday, got stuff done around the house on the days i was home. finally got that ratty old chair out of the living room and onto the back porch with the other old recliner to await when i can get the neighbor to come over with his pick up and haul them off. i hate our living room furniture, it's so ratty, and yes... duct taped! we've had it 10 years and you can tell. it's the nauga hide, over stuffed kind. we bought the love seat, couch and chair to match after we'd been married about 6 months. we called it the "child friendly furniture", cause you could 409 it and wipe up anything that got on it. and it really has been child friendly... and cat friendly. that's where the duct taping comes in. i will be so happy when we can get new furniture. i feel like hauling it out by the burn barrel and setting it ablaze. i actually did do that with the baby changing table after my youngest was potty trained. it was so dead after two kids, that i had it held together with those plastic zip ties. it was a happy day to see that thing go up in flames! no more diapers! it was very liberating!

just got back from our walk, took almost an hour. nice to be back in the house with the a/c's cranked up. looking for jack (our dog, jack russell zhits tsu(sp?) mix) his sister dotsie(she belongs to our neighbor) followed us. he's out nosing around again. we found a dead rabbit on the road and she tried to drag it home! i made her drop it. i don't think it had been dead long cause the flies hadn't found it yet.

interesting note about the toaster i bought week before last, the directions were only in english! that was so weird! usually everything comes with directions in at least 3 languages, english, french, and spanish.

found a great blog. or as the title says "greek tragedy". it's very funny. check it out if you get the chance. just google either of those and you will find it.

well not much going on, so i guess i'll go for now. stay tuned...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

wall climbing snakes, and toasters...

bought a new toaster. we've been married 11 years and never had to buy one 'cause we got 2 as wedding gifts. anyway, the second one just died, so i went to walmart and bought the $7 2 slice model. it's white, the old ones had both been chrome, and i'm not sure it fits in with my 70's harvest gold thing i got going on in my kitchen. but, as they don't make harvest gold toasters, i guess it'll have to do.

re read the harry potter series this past week, i've got all 6 in hardback with those plastic dust jacket covers like the library has on their books. i also have all the princess diaries in hardback. have the whole cat who mystery series in first edition paperbacks. as well as lots of other series too. i guess you could say i have a series problem.

well, on to the snake portion of this blog post. my bestfriend (we've know eachother since we were 7 and 8. we're 34 and 35 in december, 2 days apart) had a little visit with a copper head. i have pasted the e-mail she sent below...

Mom & I had a bit of an adventure yesterday - I started to step out the front door & nearly stepped right on a copperhead snake! It was right in front of the door & I only saw it as it raised up to strike when I started to put my foot down. Boy did I move fast! Scared the living crap out of me! It was a pretty big snake, too - about 4 foot long. Mom went out thought the garage to get the hoe to kill it & when she got out there, she called out that she couldn't see anything. So I opened the door again to look & the damn snake was ON THE WALL!! It was nearly at eye level with me - up to about where the doorbell is. I didn't even know they could climb like that & it was *really* unnerving to see it there! She knocked it down with the hoe & it went after it, but she managed to pin it down. The hoe wasn't sharp enough to cut it, so I got a shovel & she held it pinned while I cut its head off (what a lovely experience that was!) & then the damn thing was still moving all over the place while we scooped up the two pieces & threw it out into the road. All either of us could think was that Jake & Ollie are constantly running in & out & if either one of them had been the one out the door, they would've surely been bitten. It's a miracle Ollie didn't run out as soon as I opened the door - he almost always does. Mom & I are both paranoid as hell now - we're making sure to look before we go out the door!

i'm glad that was her experience and not mine. i have my own fun tarantula story from when i was about 15. my bedroom was in the loft, so the area where i had my bed was kinda at the roof, the foot of the bed touched the ceiling, the head of the bed was out toward the middle of the room. so, anyway, i was just lying on the bed watching tv, and i turned over for some reason... and there it was... all big, black and furry! on the ceiling... like 2 feet from my head! i'm sure people could hear that scream in the next county. i rolled off the bed, screaming, dad rushed in from down stairs and killed it and took the corpse outside. i had nightmares for weeks afterward, and sometimes it creeps back into my dreams.....

well, that's all for this week...

Monday, July 17, 2006

...and it keeps on draggin'

the house never sees so much of us except in the summer. usually we're only here to eat breakfast, dinner and to sleep.

saturday we stayed home, except to go to the neighbors house. i had to reload winxp on her computer.

yesterday, i left the kids home while i went to church with my mom. we had lunch after, then cleaned the office we do on sunday's. a lawyers office. when i got home the computer was still off, so i left it that way, thought it needed a vacation.

the girls were in the living room with my husband watching the end of home alone 2, next up on the family channel was the 1st harry potter movie, so we watched that together. our netflix movie had arrived, corpse bride, so we watched that next. it's been awhile since we had a movie afternoon, but with the heat, it's not like you can do anything outside.

so far this morning, i walked the trash down to the barrel at the end of the driveway, watched the youngest try to ride her bike, watched the dogs go for a swim in the pond, and saw the cat get chased by said dogs. the air conditioners (2 window units) got a whole hour off before getting turned on again. the house is dark, the only light in this room is what's coming off the computer screen. the only light in the living room is off the tv. 101 today... the outside won't see me again until the sun goes down.

interesting week. israel is finally defending itself, oil prices are again climbing, gas prices are icky... but on a bright note, the space shuttle managed to land safely instead of breaking up on re-entry. always a good thing. i can deal with the gas prices, raised by those damn stock market people raising the price of oil, what i can't deal with is a blown up shuttle. so i'm glad those silly people are back down on terra firma. there's nothing in space, i have no idea why we go. seems a total waste of money.

managed to pack on 10 pounds this summer... mostly due to my love affair with the big mac. i'm aching to get to chili's and build my own burger... or to carl's jr. for one of those sour dough bacon guacomole cheese burgers. 1200 calories all by it's itty bitty self, we won't discuss the fat content. i'm making pasta for dinner. i brown a pound of italian sausage, add a can of thick and chunky garlic and herb pasta sauce and one 8oz. can of tomato sauce. toss with 2 cups uncooked pasta, cooked. i like the corkscrew kind.

well, guess that's all for this week. stay tuned...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

why does summer stretch so long...

it's only the second week of july and it seems that summer has been here forever... how about you? the girls are driving me nuts, have you too heard the phrase "i'm bored! there's nothing to do!" as well from your children? and it's not like they don't have anything to do! they've got their own computer with all the games they could ever want (no internet on their's, just mine), they've got a library of books (i have a slight book problem, i have my own library as well), 2 gameboy sp's, 2 gameboy colors, and lots of games for both. did i mention the directv with like 15 kid friendly channels? or the 10 acres we live on with lots of room to explore? kids today! they're so different from when i was growing up.

of course, i too have been a little bored. i've read at least 15 books since summer started, i've played big kahuna reef 2 until that song is in my head forever, i've watched dvd's (we got netflix! gotta love it!), i've crocheted lots of dish rags...

but... still... it's there...

maybe it's the unstructuredness of it all... that has to be it. when it's not summer, we're on a time schedule, we know what's gonna happen... every second of the day. in summer, it just kinds flows... you look at the clock... it's noon... really?! where did the morning go?

although, it hasn't all been that way. yesterday morning we took a walk and noticed that our vacationing neighbors mailbox had been knocked down. the mail man had already given him one of those notices. so, we collected his mail, stuck it in his house, went back to ours and got the post hole digger. dad caught me (we share the 10 acres with my parents) and asked what i was doing. i explained. he took the post hole digger and went and re-installed the mailbox. like i can't do these things! who do you think put up our mail box? me! anyway, it's back up and the postal guy won't go postal. my husband would have done this, but he's over at his brothers this weekend helping him put up fence.

we've been to the lake (heyburn) a few time too. it's so nice and quiet over there. the first time we went, my cell phone madly rang. it was the mystery shopping company that handles sonic. they needed a shop done on the bristow one like NOW. they paid me $5 extra to do it. we were already almost half way there, so i said, sure. great food, quick service, but boy do they have a fly problem! ugh! it was awful! keep your windows rolled up if you eat there. i hadn't been in bristow in like years, nice place. they have a pizza hut! no fair! sapulpa used to have 2 of them, now one is the whataburger(not fast food by the way... slow slow food! do not use the drive thru! i have been in that line for like 15 minutes before, go inside, it's quicker), and the other is a family diner.

well, ok... guess that's all for now. maybe something exciting will happen this week...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

it's finally over... maybe...

ok, so, the nasty trial of our ex-judge thompson is finally over...thank god! it made the national news, is how gross it was.

but, i knew about the whole thing before it "hit the fan" so to speak. best friend has a friend whose brother is a baliff, who saw it happen and told his sister who called my bestfriend who called me and said "are you ready to be totally grossed out?!" and i was all "oh! god! let me have it.". so, she told me, and i was " like oh my god! that is the grossest thing like ever!". being the nosey person that i can be, i googled the object in question that he used on the bench while presiding over cases, and found that they have an "excutive model", so i called BF back and asked her if she thought that that's what he had, and she was like "you googled that! you would! and yes, that's probably what he had! this is just soooooo gross and weird!"

so, if you haven't been keeping up, he got guilty on all 4 counts with a year in jail for each and a $10,000 fine for each as well. the local paper "the sapulpa daily herald" had a lovely front page with "GUILTY" on it and a large picture of said ex-judge which i plan on cutting out and using for a dart board target.there's another charge that they can't get him on cause the witness has disappeared... she was last seen with the ex-judge. the charge was porn on a state computer, pics of this chick and the ex-judge. so, anyway, i see two ways this could go: 1) she was paid off to leave town and leave no forwarding address or 2) they'll find her with a new ball and chain necklace in lake sahoma (which is the water supply for the local area). i hope it's the first one, but in this county, it will probably be the second.

before i end this entry, i will say that he did one nice thing for me a few years back. i got a jury notice and had to go to his court to report. i was 8 months pregnant with my oldest. he knew me from when i worked at the local dry cleaners, so he says "what are you doing here?" and i held out the notice and said "this says i have to be here", and he took it from me and said "get out of here already! see ya around!".

ok, so that's my ramblings this week, same place next week for a different topic.