Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ugly yellow house and other stuff...

why, oh, why would anyone do this to their house?! i have the top 3 reasons below:

1) they got the paint on sale
2) they really LOVE spongebob squarepants
3) they REALLY HATE their neighbors

i'm leaning toward reason #3.

there have been some other ugly houses in sapulpa, most notably the pink victorian over on independance street. it was pink with dark hot pink trim and red indoor/outdoor carpet on the porch. when new people bought it, they had vinyl siding put on in tan with brown trim and they ditched the carpet on the porch. there's also the turquoise house on the same street, it's still that color. over next to the arby's is the pink house, but it's a locksmith business... so maybe they can get away with it. on the west side of town is the "no tell motel" that until receintly was painted "god NO! orange", but they painted it that color in protest of the city trying to get rid of them for the widening project. they wouldn't sell...anyway... it's now been repainted this last week in a lovely shade of a greyish light blue.

so, it's spring break. a nice quiet week spent mostly at home. yesterday i finally got dad's computer back up and running. that thing is 10 yrs old now, so it's in the patchwork stage of it's life. had to bum a floppy drive off a friend, and i thought that the cdrom was bad too... but turns out it's a bad plug in on the motherboard. so i jockeyed around some stuff and now the harddrive and cdrom are on one ide cable. it's only got a 500mhz pentium 3 chip, and i was gonna try to run ubuntu on it for the OS, but after trying to get the modem found... i've decided that linux is for people who really miss the DOS days of windows. so, it got the windows 98 se back on it. with the bond issue passed for the schools, they'll be getting all new computers for the schools, so i can put in my chit for a couple of the old ones (only 4 yrs old) to cobble together dad a newer one.

today oldest has dr appt for check up on her activity induced asthma (from playing trumpet), then i think we'll do the wash. tomorrow both girls have dentist appts, then maybe we'll go to the zoo in tulsa. it's nice enough weather for it.

what i'd really like to do is flake out for the day on the computer and play my favorite game... puzzle pirates... maybe thursday...

ok, all for now... stay tuned...