Sunday, August 27, 2006

evil safety videos from hades! pluto is still a planet!!!

back to school week! the girls are happy with their new teachers, the school years is off to a great start.

every year you have to re-watch the safety videos and pass the tests. there are 10. 10 horrible safety videos. if they didn't make them for people with IQ's of 3, they might be watchable... maybe, like if i was really bored and there was NOTHING else to do. these one's are new, they're on the website. the other videos were on cd's we had to watch on the computer... when the disk choose to work, that is. these are at the website... and work when the network chooses to. after the first day of things not wanting to load, the teacher switched to the other server and it was all better. but we still had to watch the stupid things and pass the tests with 100%. not hard.

jack is fine after his trip to the vet. he was a bit mad at us for a few days, but has gotten over it and is at the end of our bed to sleep at night.

lovely storm last night... NOT! the power went off for almost 2 hours, but with that lightening... how could it not. one struck pretty close to the house from how it felt. i don't like storms like that. can't we just get rain and not the nasty bad stuff with it? i shouldn't even be asking that question... this is oklahoma.

notice they sent our dear ex judge straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. nice to see justice being served! and they got that chick that didn't show for the trial in jail too. my dad says that if thompson isn't kept from the general population in prision, then he'll wind up some guys girlfriend. especally if they find out he's a ex-judge. but that's his problem. if he would have kept it in his pants he wouldn't be in this mess...

so, what's up with this whole pluto thing? i mean, really, do they have nothing else to do? do they not have lives? this is like the stupidest thing ever! i refuse to acknowledge this decision... pluto is still a planet!!!!!! and it's ur-anus NOT ur-ah-nus!!! and it's ha-rass-ment NOT harris-ment!!! harris-ment is when you're being bugged by some guy named harris. I AM NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT AND I REFUSE TO START BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT!!! SO THERE!!!

so, ok, yea... i guess that's all for now. stay tuned...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

photo of redneck a/c shade

ok, so here is the pic. i tried to post another, but blogger is being annoying. i put 2 holes in the umbrella and then threaded a string under two ribs and back out and attached it to the cup hook screwed in above the window. this holds it in position. the duct tape keeps the handle from moving. looks awful, but my a/c works better now.

back to real life...

well, tomorrow means back to real life... but this is a good thing as i think we've been ready to go back for about 2 weeks. we went to meet the teacher night on friday, and both girls got teachers i like. and the girls like them, so that's even better.

as to school supplies, this year i refused to buy kleenex or baby wipes. those aren't school supplies! i may send kleenex come winter cold season 'cause both of mine tend to use a lot and it's only fair to everyone. but they're in 2nd and 4th grade this year, and i don't think they need baby wipes.

my 7 yr old finally learned to ride her bike, and she's been busy practicing. mostly in the morning and evening 'cause of the nasty heat.

speaking of heat... i had to do something to make the old, on it's last legs, a/c make it through the rest of the season. it sits in a window on the front south side of our house and catches the sun all day with no shade. so... i created the redneck a/c shade out of a big old umbrella, some string, a screw in cup hook and of course... some duct tape. (i was going to add a photo, but blogger is messing up and won't load it. i'll still try to post it though.)

jack took off again, but came home two days later. he's still on supervised, leashed visits to the great outdoors to potty. thank goodness he's house trained. but the funny is that when he gets out side after being in for most of the day, he does what we are refering to as the "austin powers pee". you know from the first movie. he'll hike his leg and pee 'til he almost falls over! it's the funniest thing to see! the girls just laugh and laugh. the morning after he returned, i took him on a walk. we got to the back of the property, and he just wouldn't do #2 on the leash. so, silly me took it off and followed him. i got to go on what i'm calling "jack's safari". i haven't climbed so many fences since i was 11! he ended his outing at the new housing addition marking his territory on a fence post of a big mean dogs yard. i caught up with him, put him back on the leash, but he wouldn't follow no matter how hard i tugged or promised him puppy treats. i ended up carrying him most of the way home, about 1/2 a mile even with the short cut. have you ever climbed a barbed wire fence with a dog? don't try it! he only weights maybe 16 lbs. but still! he seems to have finally given in to the leash, thankfully. tomorrow is his vet visit for his neuter and it's also his 2nd birthday. heck of a birthday.

my 7 yr old tells me this week that "papa got earings on his chest!" i kept my face straight and said "isn't that silly?!" and she said "yes! he's silly!" then she went on with her game on the computer. i was hoping they wouldn't see this, but oh well. my 9 yr old hasn't said anything about it and i'm not bringing it up. i haven't even said anything to my mom, i just don't want to know anything more than i already do.

well, guess that's all... stay tuned...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

countdown and swimming

one week until normal schedule! everyone is looking forward to getting back to the usual things.

jack showed back up! after almost 2 weeks of running after females in heat, he came home yesterday. he had a bath, food, water, and is now on supervised visits to the great outdoors. he goes in monday to get neutered and fixed up. he came home with quite a few cuts, i've no clue what he's been up to. this morning i took him out to potty, and he led me over to the neighbors house through their horse pasture. i think that's where he's been hanging out, he seemed friendly with the two dogs there. he wouldn't follow me home, so i had to carry him. good thing he's only about 16 pounds. he's napping on the back of the couch in the living room now.

at a friend's pool on friday. my 9 yr old will finally jump off the side of the pool (wearing an inflatable ring) into the water. i don't know where the fear of water comes from! my 7 yr old somehow has turned into a little fishy! she'll jump off the side (without ring), and she taught herself to swim underwater. she'll even swim in the deep end! we're so proud. we're going swimming again on wednesday.

glad the horrid heat seems to be waning. it was 110F outside on thursday! i don't want to know what the heat index was. we got a little rain, maybe 1/4 inch, but better than nothing.

ok, i have to go on a bit of a rant here about ill named children. this is my major pet peeve! lately it seems that people are having problems giving their sons proper names. this one guy i know has a son named adriel, this is one of the names for the angel of death. this other family i know named their son jewell ray, i don't care if jewell is a family name, what in gods name were they thinking! just wait until he gets to middle school! or this other family, the boy's name is dayton! that's a damn brand of tires! or other people naming their kids after states... why? i knew a girl in jr. high whose name was summer rain, she hated her parents for doing this to her and swore that as soon as she turned 18 she was changing it to something normal like susan, mary, or elizabeth. people, please, think before naming! what sounds cute for a baby will not be cute for a grown-up. really can you see the CEO of a major company named mitzy? no. mitzy is a pole dancer (stripper).

ok, am now done with rant.

done with post for this week.

stay tuned...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

utterly disgusted and "is madonna alive?"

ok, we'll start with the utterly disgusted thing. i discovered this week that my 55 yr old father got his nipples pierced! i saw him with his shirt off for the first time in years (well it has been hot) and that's when i saw the two new additions to his body. i did not say anything... Completely ignored it. i have a theory about people who pierce anything but their ears and/or get overly tattooed... they have a deep physiological problem that makes them think they need people to look at them/pay attention to them all the time. they all need to go see shrinks to get over themselves. there's this funny comic i have on my fridge, the father asks the son who has his face overly pierced, "tell me son, did it hurt when the tackle box exploded in your face?".

anyway, with dad, i think he's going through yet another childhood or teenage hood. at least he did this after i was grown and gone. just like the thing with the local crack whore about 5 years ago. i would have ditched his ass, but mom kept him.

but i did have to deal with the whole pot growing thing, and prison time thing. he got busted the first time when i was 11. the second time right before the summer after my 9th grade year. he spent 3 months in boley that summer. the last time was right after i graduated high school. they didn't keep him long, and gave him probation. he was horrible after that, real mean and hateful. i called nana and she sent me money for a plane ticket to visit her and papa. i stayed 2 months, then mom called and said it was safe to come home, he was better now. whatever...

the only thing that exposure to the drug scene did for me was to make me never do any of it. when i was 11 my mom's brother lived in a small cabin on our land. one evening, i took over his dinner that mom had cooked for him. his girlfriend and her brother were visiting. she was snorting a line of coke, the brother had a needle in his arm, my uncle was smoking pot. i looked at these people, they were so gross and skinny and dirty... i thought to myself, "if that's what drugs do to you... i'll skip that teenage experiment thank you!". and i did. the worst i ever did was smoke a few cigarettes. the tobacco kind, not the pot kind.

ok, now on to the "is madonna alive?" thing. my 9 yr old listens to radio disney, they've been playing that "1985" song alot lately, so that's what prompted the question. a better question would be "is michael jackson still alive?". because is he? really? the true human who was born michael joseph jackson? i don't think so. i think somewhere around the early 90's he died on the plastic surgeons table, and what was brought back from the dead is some mutant...

ok, yeah... 2 more weeks to go. lots more heat until fall gets here... sometime in october... maybe. gotta love it.

stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

update on icky trial

nice to see that the missing witness is still alive... shocking! anyway, she filling a motion to get rid of the arrest warrant for her when she didn't show up in court. i just glad she's not sporting new cement shoes at the bottom of sahoma lake.

gotta love creek county!