Thursday, October 15, 2009

cartoons 24/7

"why are you still on the couch?" i asked my 10 yr old when i walked into the livingroom at 5:30 this morning. (i wouldn't be up this early during vacation if i didn't have to get my 2 cups of coffee before rebrewing the weaker stuff so husband could get up at 6am to have his coffee and go to work.)
"there's cartoons on... i stayed up..."
"all night?!" i asked.
"i guess... there's cartoons on..."
"sweetheart, there's cartoons on 24/7, that doesn't mean we stay up to watch them..." i said, as i switched on 6 in the morning on KOTV channel 6. she turned over, wrapped up more in the blanket and is now asleep.

ok, who remembers when we were darn lucky to have cartoons on saturday morning? or, as it got deeper into the 80's, we got them after school on one of the independent tv stations on the UHF. if you know what VHF and UHF is, raise your hand. seriously, it's just no fair! cartoons on 24/7 on like 10 stations on the directv.

it's fall break. we went to school monday and tuesday, and now it's like a 5 day weekend. i don't remember fall break... i think they called it state teacher meetings and we got a 4 day weekend out of it. we also used to just get a 4 day for thankgiving... now it's a 5 day too.

i spent yesterday fixing or finishing fixing computers. i had a laptop that needed a clean install of windows... without a recovery disk from the manufacturer. lucky i had a copy of winxp home from a long dead computer... didn't have the product key though. so, i spent time talking to tech support from india... such fun... not! this guy seemed to have a better grasp of english at least, the india tech support i got for at&t for a cell phone problem last year was seriously lacking. so, after i got it installed, i had to service pack it for 2 and 3... the install disk was so old. then it was to the toshiba website to download and install all the utilities and drivers to make the thing work and then i had to find a free dvd player to feed it too. anyway, it's all back up to snuff now... it was a real mess! at first i tried disk cleaning it, but it kept hanging up. so, i defraged it, then disk cleaned it, then defraged it again... still acting crappy. it had limewire on it... who knows what was on there... the windows install was so full of holes it wasn't funny. it wouldn't recognize usb and let me use it! the clean install was the easiest fix...
the next computer was dad's again. i had to slave the hard drive in my system again to format it and then put it back in his to reinstall windows. that disk was so messed up it wouldn't boot from the cd to do the install that way. i've got him fixed up with sandboxie, maybe that will help. and, yes! it did have virus protection and a fire wall on it! and every other kind of protection i could think of. this time it's got that new windows security essentials and i'm just going with the windows firewall ( don't pelt me... i know it sucks... but the other stuff didn't work either), on it and i'm hoping the sandboxie will keep all that crap from making it to the hard drive...

not reading so much at the moment, working on a preemie afghan for a friend's friend's baby girl, she was born at 28 weeks. then, i really need to finish that sweater coat i started for myself over summer, i've just got the sleeves and hood to put on it.

ok, off to do other stuff... and not work on computers for a while...

stay tuned...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

tulsa state fair park and ride!

wow! just the best time at the fair yesterday! decided to use the park and ride, and wow! yeah! we'll never park at the fair grounds ever again! parked the car at promenade mall, and the shuttle bus was right there. they drop and pick up at the pavillion, so convienient.

this year the girls had the one day mega ride passes, a friend bought them for them. they got to go on a lot more rides than ever before, it was fun for them.

fun time after we got back to promenade... my car wouldn't start! it had given me problems for a couple of days, but i was so busy i forgot. mom has AAA, so less than 30 minutes later the guy shows up, and says the battery has had it. we got a new one right there and we were on our way home. love AAA!

got one of those salt lamps, not for the susposed health properties, i just think they look neat.

ok, that's all... stay tuned...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

2010 sequoyah nominee books

i read alot, if you've read this blog any, you already knew that. i try to read off the sequoyah lists, there are 3. one for high school, one for middle school, and the other for elementary. i've read 2 of the ones for high school (at least) so far.
deadline, about a kid who finds out he's got some nasty cancer right before senior year, and last dance at the frosty queen, about a kid who's dealing with a lot of stuff the last month before he graduates high school. both of these are really great! i just finished "last dance..." last night.
i've read some off the other lists, check my booklog for this year. i wish adults could vote for the winner, but it's just the kids who get to do this.

well, the state fair in tulsa is at the beginning of october and runs for 11 days this year. i want one of those salt lamps. not for the susposed health properties... i just think they look cool.

stay tuned...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

how it's made! new fav show

i've watched this show off and on, but it's really my new favorite science show. to see the machines that make stuff and how it all works... all this stuff had to come out of someone's brain, and that's just the coolest!

have new favorite games on facebook. farmtown, farmville, island paradise, and fish world. don't like that yoville one...

been reading too much again. found that cute book sloppy firsts, it was pretty good. read some of the sequoyah nominee books from the all the age groups. i think i liked deadline the best... they're all good really.

well, ok... not much else... stay tuned...

Monday, September 07, 2009

back to work, and another recipe

back to work. they switched the whole school district over to the microsoft exchange... it had a few bumps along the way for the first week or so of school, but it all seems fixed now. nice that you can log into any computer in the district and have your stuff come up.

got one of my re occuring inmates in detention again. the child is in 3rd grade this year, and i've had said child in detention since child was in 1st grade. i can't specify gender of said child or i could get in trouble, but does anyone remember that kid in the bad seed? said child has evil grin that scares me sometimes, and seems to have no conscience or remorse. said child tried to cut off another child's finger in 1st grade with scissors, said child pushed another child down the bleacher stairs in gym (child only shaken up, not hurt) because child brushed past him (barely touching him from behind). this happened in front of me, i sent said child to office for remained of detention. this child is a perfect example of parents who spawn and release ( i call them breeders). i see said child in maximum security prison for being serial killer, and if said child finishes high school, i'll be in shock.

ok, so i finally tweeked that tater tot casserole to my liking. i never used the cream of mushroom soup, cause i hate mushrooms. i was using the cream of celery, but it lacked oomph. so, i started using the cream of tomato and a package of taco seasoning. it was alright... last time i exchanged the ground beef for owens italian sausage... and WOW! yeah! that's the ticket!


1lb. pkg of owens italian sausage (or other italian sausage)
1 sm onion, diced
1 can condensed tomato soup
1 pkg taco seasoning
1/4 cup milk
1 cup diced frozen veggies mix from freezer case at grocery store
8 ozs shredded cheese (cheddar or monterey jack work well, you could also try pepper jack)
tator tots, enough to cover top in one layer

oven 350F. about 40 minutes to bake.

brown sausage with diced onion. add soup, taco seasoning, and milk, mix well. add veggies, mix well. i use the 10 inch square corning ware baking dish for this, line it with foil, so you don't have to soak and scrub the dish. put meat mix on bottom, spread for even layer, top with cheese, top with one neat layer of tator tots. i'm OCD, so it takes me a few minutes to arrange the tots for what i think is a perfect looking layer. put in oven for 40 minutes, let set about 5 minutes when it comes out. this also freezes well in small portions to heat and eat later.

ok, on to the rest of my labor day. i'm sure it will involve puzzle pirates at some point.

stay tuned...

Saturday, August 08, 2009

something worse than survivorman...

husband found something worse than that cringe inducing idiot who calls himself "survivorman", why do men always find these things on tv? it's hunting and fishing on tv! really! it's sad! if i have to hear those guys whisper about how they are "gonna kill that buck" and "look! he's a nine pointer!" or eight pointer... whatever! or the fishing... seriously! and i thought golf or tennis or bowling on tv was bad...
daughter just reminded me of something we saw on the fishing show ( i wouldn't really say saw... more like heard in the background trying really hard to ignore it) bow and arrow fishing... really, they shot an arrow into the water to catch the fish! do they do this 'cause it illegal to use the explosives to fish?
if i could get away with it i would block the offending channels that show this stuff...
i can't believe there are whole channels devoted to hunting and fishing... i'm not a vegiterrorist, but seriously... i could do without these channels.
and the whispering in the woods... it's worse than that blair witch project movie.
"gotta get our scent off... don't want 'em smellin' us..."


ok, favorite shows are back on! i've got monk, and psych, and eureka, and royal pains... it's a wonderful time for good stuff.

kittens are 3 weeks now, and so cute. we have 2 boys and 2 girls... i think. i was wrong with patricia...
we'll be in the walmart parking lot with a sign when they are about 8 to 10 weeks old. we'll give a free box of kitten chow with each free cat.

ok, that's all now... stay tuned...

Friday, July 24, 2009

patrick is really patricia and other july things

so, we have a cat. and we thought it was patrick... but it's really patricia. i have the 4 kittens to prove it. turns out she's just got a really fluffy butt area... i thought they were balls... but no. she had them last friday, so they are a week old today. they are very cute!

there's this show, it's called survivorman. have you ever watched it? go back to the cheesy rating scale... cause this one rates a "rancid spray can cheese". if husband has it on in the background, i end up cringing.

so, that interview that katie couric had with his obamaness... where did she get that suit she was wearing? prison matrons r us? i was embarrassed for her, i really was. if someone tried to dress me like that, i'd hit 'em upside the head.

had a doctor visit today. they had never done any blood work on me... so today i got to pee in the cup and give up some of my O+. my blood pressure was 100/74. my TC is 171, HDL- 52, TRG- 128, LDL- 94, non-HDL- 119, TC/HDL- 3.3 . i guess i'm not gonna die anytime soon, that's a good thing. the only bad thing is the extra 15 pounds i'm carrying around. the last time i was 152 pounds i was 8 months pregnant. i asked about this... they actually asked if i might be pregnant!!!! not likely! husband took care of that problem when youngest was 4 months old, she's 10 now. the test came back negative... well duh! i haven't skipped a period since i was pregnant with the 10 yr old. maybe it's my thyroid... anyway, they will call when all the tests come back in a few days.

funny story about husband's outpatient surgery when youngest was 4 months old. so, i get him out to the car after the procedure and am about to start up the car... when he looks down at his crotch and says in his best john wayne impression " well boys... ya been cut off at the pass...". i just about wanted to die laughing! he remembers nothing, those were some good drugs they gave him!

ok, well i can't think of anything else at the moment... so stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

link to my booklog

tried to google to find my booklog and it doesn't come up, so here's the link if you want to check it out.

good book, driving tips, and some really cool color photos

we'll start with the book everyone needs to at least thumb through. it's called "big ideas/ 100 modern inventions" it's by alex hutchinson. the one thing in it that really blew me away was the thing about insulin. i never really paid attention to diabetes, or it's history as a disease/ condition. turns out it used to take 8000 pounds of cow or pig pancreses to make just 1 pound of insulin! can you even imagine?! anyway, when they figured out how to make it in a lab, it made it alot better for millions of people. there's a bunch of other stuff too, it's a neat book. check it out, i got it out of the tulsa library.

next up, some driving tips or rules of common courtsey that most people seem to have forgotten or maybe never learned in the first place.

1) when you are driving behind someone... if you can easily read their license plate... you are too damn close! BACK OFF! or i will play my favorite game with you, it's called "slam on the brakes, and it will be your fault when you rear end me and you will get the ticket and your insurance company will pay for my car repair". i've never actually done this, but i've sure felt like it a few times. i usually just tap my brakes... and sometimes who ever is behind me gets the point.

2) there's this thing on your steering column, it's called a turn signal indicator. have you ever heard of it before? well, some people haven't. here is the correct sequence for it's proper use:
1) "i think i will turn" you say to yourself
2) move turn signal indicator in proper direction, up for right, down for left
3) apply brakes to slow down
4) make turn, then make sure that it goes off so i don't have to drive behind
you for 20 miles with one of your blinkers on
if you do not have working turn signal indicators, learn the hand signals and

3) when you stop behind someone at a light, your bumper is NOT susposed to touch their bumper! you should be able to see their back tires on the road in front of you. it is really important that you follow this when you have to stop on a hill, the person in front of you could be a newbie driver with a clutch... if you're too close... there goes your front end.

i could go on and on about what you shouldn't be doing while driving, but there's not enough space.

ok, i was not aware that 100 years ago some russian guy took a bunch of color photos of russia and its people. but he did, and it's really cool! click on link below:

there's another link in the comments to another site about this guy, check it out too:

ok, that all for the moment... stay tuned...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

up movie, bad mcd's service, and fun bowling

took the kids to the sand springs theater yesterday to see "up", very cute movie, but bring tissues. or maybe i'm just an emotional person. anyway, we loved it and even watched all the credits at the end.

next stop was the walmart in sand springs, the girls were hungery, and i needed yarn (like i need more yarn, but this was for a project). so, the girls got the quarter pounder and plain hamburger and fries they ordered, but i had to wait like 10 minutes for the grilled honey mustard snack wrap i wanted. they had to grill the chicken! there were a lot of other people who had to wait for food too. and i think it's just this location, cause i've never had it anywhere else... the fly problem they have is horrible! the fly attracter/killer things they have don't work! it's gross! they did give me a free cherry pie for the trouble... love cherry pie...

we signed up for the thing. i paid the $23.95 cost to get the adults bowl free too. the girls get 2 free games a day, and so do we with the paid for thing when we bowl with them. it was fun! you just have to pay for shoe rental, and that was $8.25 for all three of us. i got a 70 the first game and a 146 the second. i don't bowl much, but i like it, it's fun! we had to have the bumpers on the lane so the girls wouldn't hit the gutters so much and at least have a chance.

another post in a day or two, got a book everyone needs to read and some driving pet peeves to share...

stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a general mismash of what's in my brain at the moment

aaaah! summer break! i love my job! summer's and vacations off. sure, i don't get paid for two months of the year, but i don't work either. they put us on salary, so starting this year 10 equal pay checks, no more being messed up by xmas break or spring break or odd snow days.

summer weather seems to be rearing it ugly head, but we all knew it would... it can't help itself.

so, started keeping track of what i'm reading for the whole year. i've got the excel file parked over on my profile at msn. it's in the public files, it's called booklog 2009. found another book series... the dr. scarpetta novels by patricia cornwell. pretty good stuff!

trying once again to de clutter the house. got the girls bookshelf cleaned out. the videotapes are next. husband finally building them a closet, that will be nice, as their clothing is getting too big to put in drawers anymore. i'll see if i can post pics of the progress and when it's done.

ok, getting on soapbox for a whole bunch of stuff...

so, that daycare in mexico. the one that caught on fire and all those kids either died or had major injuries? why exactly was a day care in a building that was connected to a tire factory?! and why did it only have one door?! if that doesn't wake you up to the fact that mexico is a third world country, i don't know what will. that and the fact that they spawn nasty illnesses, along with all the other third and fourth world nations. (fourth world- pretty much most of africa and the middle east).

next bit. why was our president saying sorry to the middle east terrorists? why is he telling israel to go to hades? (well, he didn't exactly say that, but that's what he meant) why is he telling everyone we're the largest muslim nation on the planet?! i guess he hasn't been to the south lately... we've got a christian type church on every corner, or close to it.

if you haven't seen the dash cam from that oklahoma highway patrol car, where have you been? that cop really needs some anger management classes. i'm thinking you don't need to fly off the handle when someone flips you the bird. isn't that road rage? doesn't law enforcement preach against that?

so, i got a semi decient wrap up of pushing daisies... but why did they have to cancel it in the first place? so they could replace it with more driveling tripe?! i don't even watch ABC anymore, and i won't until LOST comes back on in the spring. the tv in the living room is hooked to directv, the one in the bedroom needs one of those converter boxes, so it's just hooked to the vcr and dvd player we got in there at the moment. mom and dad replaced all their tv's with various sized LCD flat panels (tv in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and their bedroom). they can't get the local feed of ABC to come in, everything else is fine. but our local ABC station is annoying anyway and we never watch it. the local news is biased, and they seriously need to get some fresh meat on the news desk. the CBS local feed is the best for news and weather. the NBC local feed is second, with the FOX local being in third.

well, can't think of anything else at the moment.

stay tuned...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

spring... calling spring... hello?!

so, seriously... where is spring? it cold! i should not still be this cold. i hate cold... really i do. we're half way through april for pete's sake... let's have some warmness already.

finally got to watch the dead like me movie. some people didn't like it on the netflix review, said 'cause the original daisy and rube were gone that it sucked, well... i disagree. they could get any dumb blond to play daisy. and i did miss rube, but having the new guy was funny. i liked how they got rid of him, it was a hoot. and that george was the new post it note hander outter, i really liked that. and that she got closer with her sis and her sis could get on with life. it was a good wrap up... now if they could give us some closer on pushing daisies... i could get on with my life.

gotten into the jesse stone book by robert b. parker. they're good! i read the 4th, 5th, and 6th books, now i'm starting with the 1st, and i've got the 2nd and 3rd from the library to read next.

also, seems somehow i missed a princess diaries book... don't know how! so now i've got 2 to buy in hardback for my series to be complete.

does it bother anyone else that obama was so chummy with that chevez guy from south america? let's suck up to the commies why don't we?

and what was with those news people on the liberal channels and the whole "teabagging" thing? seriously, if i want that kind of humor, i don't watch the news for it. maybe southpark, or one of those american pie movies (which i have never watched as they are a poor rip off of porky's movies).

ok, a movie i want to watch is on, so i gotta go. stay tuned...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

another burrito filling recipe, weird spring weather

had too much time on my hands again... here's another burrito filling recipe.

Taco Chicken Burritos
makes 6

6 burrito size flour tortillas

12.5 oz can tyson premium chunk white chicken, drained
10 oz can Rotel, drained
15 oz can ranch style beans, drained
1 pkg. taco seasoning
4-6 ozs shredded cheese (i used sharp cheddar)

dump drained chicken in mixing bowl and shred with a fork. add rotel, beans, and taco seasoning, mix well. shred the cheese right into mixing bowl, mix well. split between the 6 tortillas and fold up burrito style. wrap up in that press 'n seal plastic wrap or foil and freeze for later lunches... or heat one up and eat it now.

i've got 6 in the freezer for lunches. i figured it up and maybe spent like $1.25 per burrito, you could go cheaper if you used the white and dark mixed canned chicken, but i don't like the taste of dark meat chicken, so i go for the all white meat kind. that's just my over-sensitive taste buds talking.

ok, so not so sure about this weird spring weather we're getting... 9 inches of snow in late march is just not right. but also glad for the water in the cistern out back, it was down to 200 gallons, and i start getting antsy when the tank is that low. full tank now, reserve 400 gallon full as well. main tank is 1500 gallons. for all of you with questions... no county water where we are... water table is polluted by drillers dumping god knows what down oil wells to bring up oil to surface, so we don't have a well... with the metal roof space we have, we get 600 per inch of rain... we use a pump and pressure tank, so we don't notice any difference... i do wash at the laundrymat, so we don't need water for that...ok, any other questions not answered, comment and i'll answer them.

ok, gotta go, stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ugly yellow house and other stuff...

why, oh, why would anyone do this to their house?! i have the top 3 reasons below:

1) they got the paint on sale
2) they really LOVE spongebob squarepants
3) they REALLY HATE their neighbors

i'm leaning toward reason #3.

there have been some other ugly houses in sapulpa, most notably the pink victorian over on independance street. it was pink with dark hot pink trim and red indoor/outdoor carpet on the porch. when new people bought it, they had vinyl siding put on in tan with brown trim and they ditched the carpet on the porch. there's also the turquoise house on the same street, it's still that color. over next to the arby's is the pink house, but it's a locksmith business... so maybe they can get away with it. on the west side of town is the "no tell motel" that until receintly was painted "god NO! orange", but they painted it that color in protest of the city trying to get rid of them for the widening project. they wouldn't sell...anyway... it's now been repainted this last week in a lovely shade of a greyish light blue.

so, it's spring break. a nice quiet week spent mostly at home. yesterday i finally got dad's computer back up and running. that thing is 10 yrs old now, so it's in the patchwork stage of it's life. had to bum a floppy drive off a friend, and i thought that the cdrom was bad too... but turns out it's a bad plug in on the motherboard. so i jockeyed around some stuff and now the harddrive and cdrom are on one ide cable. it's only got a 500mhz pentium 3 chip, and i was gonna try to run ubuntu on it for the OS, but after trying to get the modem found... i've decided that linux is for people who really miss the DOS days of windows. so, it got the windows 98 se back on it. with the bond issue passed for the schools, they'll be getting all new computers for the schools, so i can put in my chit for a couple of the old ones (only 4 yrs old) to cobble together dad a newer one.

today oldest has dr appt for check up on her activity induced asthma (from playing trumpet), then i think we'll do the wash. tomorrow both girls have dentist appts, then maybe we'll go to the zoo in tulsa. it's nice enough weather for it.

what i'd really like to do is flake out for the day on the computer and play my favorite game... puzzle pirates... maybe thursday...

ok, all for now... stay tuned...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

do the obama shuffle!

look left... look right... look left... look right... now put a bounce in your step... and snap those fingers and you're doing the obama shuffle!

ok, even if you can't stand to listen to him, you've got to watch his next speech! mute the tv and you'll see him do the above dance... ok, maybe not the bounce in his step and the finger snapping... but watch him for a while and you'll be waiting for the rest to kick in. it's funny! and if nancy pelosi (not spelled right, i'm sure) is behind him, you can see her impression of a happy seal clapping it's fins together. when she's this happy... we're all screwed.

the reason for the looking left and right is because he's teleprompter addicted, just like he's addicted to his blackberry. he never looks out at the crowd, just left and right at the teleprompters. he can't talk without them... and if he does, he couldn't win the "um" game to save his life. the "um" game was a local radio station game back in the late 80's, you had to talk about any subject for 30 seconds and not say "um" to get the prize.

bush may not have been the greatest speaker in the world, but at least he looked out at the crowd and tried to connect with them. obama just looks like a ventriloqust dummy, it's sad.

ok, that's all for the moment. when i get a funny pic uploaded, we'll be wondering why someone would do this to their house...

stay tuned...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

blocking ads for legal products?! how?! and vegiterrorists

ok, getting up on soap box.

i have yet to understand how the government can block ads for perfectly legal products. this is about the cigarette and tobacco industry, so if you're a commie stop reading now.

this is still a free country, right? we still have free speech, right? so if something is legal and is sold in stores everywhere, why can't said industry advertise their product? i just don't get it. yes, said product is not really healthy for you... as people die from smoke inhalation in house fires... but still. it's a free country! if people want to smoke or dip or whatever is it REALLY your business? no it is not.

i used to smoke, social smoking really, from age 11 to 15. at 15 i decided it was a stupid, smelly, costly habit and never puffed as the cigarette was passed around again. i never smoked pot, even though i could have... there was plenty around the house... dad spent prison time for growing the stuff back in the 80's.

what's brought this to the fore front again is this stupid town in california that passed a law that you can't smoke in your own house. commie libs! lets just start up the gestapo from germany again while we're at it! our freedoms in this country are slowly being chipped away... and no one cares!

when they outlaw tobacco products (yeah! right! like they'd give up THAT tax money!) then i will not have a problem with the ad ban, but until then, i do have a problem. it's just another freedom gone... blowin' in the wind... just out of reach.

now on to the vegiterrorists! you know who you are! you who think you must push your anti meat eating agenda on the rest of us. you who throw paint on really nice fur coats! what else are you gonna do with a mink? it's like a rat! the best thing that happens to it is a nice coat. i really like meat and it's good for me. soy is not an acceptable meat substitute! i've tasted vegi burgers (on accident, mind you! got one at backyard burgers once in a drive thru screw up), and really... yuck! nothing is more enjoyable than that nice steak... just off the grill... with some seasoned potatoes on the side... i can smell it now... can't you? i'm a proud member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals). we raise our own cow... the last one was named T-bone. i like watching the cow grow... knowing that when it's nice and fat and juicy it goes to the butcher and i get lots of beef for the freezer to feed our family.

oooohhhh! i'm really in a mood today... can't you tell? it's the DMS (During Menstrual Syndrome). ok, outta here, must go eat some meat and breathe the secondhand smoke from my husbands cigarettes, i'm sure to some of you out there that means i will die soon. get a life! (gads, i really am horrible today, better get outta here now...

stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

icy... but i still got power!

it decided to dump the nastiness on us again. started monday afternoon with ice, followed that evening and the next day with sleet and then topped it off with some snow last night. sun today, but that won't do us much good as it's still below freezing outside. but, hey! i still got power, so i'm a very happy camper!

out of school, of course. roads are a mess. we are now going to school into june, we used our 2 built in snow days last month. i don't see the roads being any better by tomorrow and the weather guys are saying we could have some fog with the icy roads in the morning. i'm thinking that ice and fog don't mix... but that could just be me. mom left for town a bit ago for supplies, she's got studded tires on the front of the dodge caravan. when oldest was little, she said "nana, you have claws on your tires!".

so, the latest bloody jack novel was so great... i started making that whimpering noise when i finished it... wanting more. if you haven't read it, give it a try. the first one is called bloody jack, the author is l.a. meyer or mayer... i'm not so good with the spelling sometimes.

lost is getting good... glad to have it back. life on mars is also back tonight, so that's what i'll be doing this evening... flaked out in front of network tv (a rarity).

k, it's back to puzzle pirates. i must have more poe! and what else am i gonna do? i can't go anywhere and there's only so much tv i can watch and i'm outta books to read. ugh!

so, see ya later... stay tuned...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

driveling tripe and other ramblings

ok, after being exposed to the new line up on abc, cbs, and nbc i have come up with the newest catch phrase to describe it all... "driveling tripe"! i think it accurately takes care of all of the dancing (please tell me who went down on who to get that on the air?!), house renovating with sob story attached, singing contests (i HATED star search!), weight losing, and beauty (on the inside) contests/drama/i've got no clue time wasting crap they are now showing. my time watching the over the air networks has greatly decreased anyway, the only things i watch there are Lost, Life on Mars, Reaper (if and when it comes back on), The Price is Right, and Wheel of Fortune. Also, Survivor when it's on, it's funny, the others are all just copy cats and bad ones at that.

so, got my car back. nissan engines are apparently not meant to be worked on, the bill told me so. $835.00. i was expecting worse as the heads had to come off and go to the machine shop, they weren't as bad as wily first thought. to celebrate we will be traveling to owasso today to partake of lunch at baja jack's burrito shack and dessert at maggie moos ice cream. i also have to go to the library in west tulsa to drop off a book and pick up the one i got on reserve, the new one in the bloody jack series.

guess that all for the moment, stay tuned...