Saturday, December 18, 2010

i love my job...

and it's not just because i get all the school holidays off work. it's because i love books, and reading, and libraries... i could spend the whole day in the tulsa central library just browsing the stacks... yeah... good times!

on vacation now, back to work on january 4th. let me tell you, those kids really need this time away from school! they were bouncing off the walls yesterday!

so, read a book. it's called "the road", saw the movie on showtime... very visual... you don't listen to the movie so much as you absorb it with your eyes. the book was the same way... very odd... no chapter divisions. you don't listen to the book either, you are visually involved with it. i'm thinking that the author was physically drained after writing it, i know i was drained from reading it. i won't need to read this book again, it will stick with me... like "the lovely bones"... that sticks with you too. still haven't seen the movie... i will at some point.

the new elementary school is so cool! they let us tour it on wednesday. it's very odd... there are these things on the walls, on every wall in each room, i think they are "electrical outlets"? and there's this other thing called "storage"... these are foreign to those of us who work at washington or woodlawn. we're not sure what they are... but we are sure to love them very much. right now we're lucky to have maybe 2 outlets per room, that's 4 plugins. and storage... good lord! our buildings look like paddy's market most of the time since we have no where to put anything. we get to move in over summer... yea!

trying to ignore the annoying holiday madness around me... but it's getting harder.

ok, things to do.... stay tuned...

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